Xinzhou City Ecological environment bureau Shenchi branch actively carry out straw burning inspection

2022-08-07 0 By

In order to effectively control straw burning during spring ploughing and curb straw burning in the open air, Shenchi Branch of Ecological environment Bureau of Xinzhou City attached great importance to it and deployed it seriously. During the Qingming Holiday, it actively carried out straw burning inspection and rectification work to ensure the improvement of the environmental quality of Shenchi County and win the battle against blue sky.Shenchi branch organized law enforcement officers to inspect eight towns in Shenchi County, respectively to the township leadership and forest protection and fire prevention personnel to understand the situation of the local straw burning work, and at the same time required the township, the village committee and protection personnel to continue to maintain a high pressure situation of straw burning, continue to do a good job of straw burning control.And in-depth farmers, fields, widely publicized straw burning common sense, as well as the harm caused by fire, improve the awareness of the masses;Find the fire in the first time, deal with it in the first time, criticize and educate the parties concerned, and guide the masses to put an end to straw burning in the open air.In the next step of work, ShenChi branch will stalk burning supervision into the daily work, to establish a long-term mechanism, continue to intensify publicity of the significance of stalk burning and effective measures for comprehensive utilization of straw, and improve the legal consciousness of the masses to stalk burning, make stalk burning as the conscious action of the masses, ensuring ShenChi county’s air quality continues to improve.