There is a feeling, is the years brought to me

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What kind of years, can know a what kind of you, or I in what kind of years, know such a you.Is time sentient beings, life has love, so this life can meet you.Meet you are so familiar, meet you as deep my heart.Before I met you, we all care for each other, and there is no intersection.But, really did not think of this world and their same you appear.Is the amorous feelings of the years, with the wandering beach, as the coastline slowly close to me?I don’t know. I knew you anyway.Also do not know, met you, is also with the life to the beautiful, rushed to my a love?Or do you think I’m special?Some people say, in order to meet you, will hold a permanent dedication.I’ve been thinking about why, and I don’t seem to have an answer.Years of we have thought, this life will be met what kind of you, or met we are how to respond.So give everything a shot. You never know what (or who) is going to change your life.Want to know.No matter when you start, do not stop after the important start.No matter when you start, it is important not to regret after the end.When you are lonely, you want to find someone who can fully understand you. Loneliness comes from knowing yourself well enough, and knowing yourself well enough, and then others around you.If you grow up with the flow of the world, you will be more content.If you are always trying to be someone who knows who you are, you are doomed to be alone forever, and that is the price of growth.Is this what life is called?Perhaps it is your silence, your eyes heavy with gloom, while I hide in the quiet hours, watching the years fade away, leaving behind a world of ease and silence.So hold a understand, full of a fragrance, the heart, always smile to warm.Life is like this, perhaps is the same fate, let two sentient beings, people with heart let heaven so care.Love is born for years, breeding speechless.Also wish life is like a dream, dream is poetry, write about you and me.Also like you hug my temperature, like you considerate of my words, like you give me to rely on the shoulder, like everything about you.Love is always in order to keep you and me, and choose to meet.As to meet the United States and not the United States, are in their own hearts, but also deep understanding.They say that company is the longest confession of love.I think so.Sometimes for a look or a special word and heartache.It is said that people who love will love deeply, but I don’t think that people who love will nourish love.Love always thinks that both sides rush to the agreement, in fact, it must be at the time of a moment and love you.Love a person, or love a person is not so easy.Is the shallow love, slowly understand, light adaptation, is you after all is you……And I’ll let you know.Love is always with us, love is always with us, but people who love deeply are always hurt, and that’s why they love dearly.And I’ll let you know.The love of the world can only be left for one person, the love of the world can only be saved for one person.No one can love a person who is perfect, no one can not love someone who has love for you.There are too many disappointments in life, but the love of love is as always persistent.This is the human race.If, let me tell you something.Affectionate years, there is always your company the warmest, silent years, can always see your figure and Ann, is a how lucky thing.Also want to know, long love person’s heart is soft, the bottom of the heart is bright, and the language is always tender, to you, to love, to love, so.Perhaps, life has many encounters are not surprising, but meet a you, is different, or love must have, in the end……Like a person to heart, sincere, sincere communication, perseverance.Don’t care about too much gain and loss, to learn to win a tolerant heart to tolerate each other’s shortcomings and mistakes.There is no debt in life.People give to you because they like it.And you give to others, because willing.He that wills, doth repent.Therefore: there is a feeling, is the years brought to me.Author: Dong Dong Xiao