Pregnancy leg cramps how to do?2 ways to prevent leg cramps

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Up to 1/3 of expectant mothers will have leg cramps in late pregnancy, say leg cramps are what disease is not, but the attack is really uncomfortable.So, today I’m going to tell you a few ways to prevent and deal with cramps.Lack of calcium is not the cause of leg cramps a lot of people think cramps is equal to lack of calcium, the clinic often met a lot of expectant mother asked me: “recently I always leg cramps, I added a piece of calcium, or cramps, you help me to analyze the calcium I fill is not enough ah?”It is not strange to have such a misunderstanding, because a large number of advertisements on TV and the Internet advertise that calcium supplements can prevent and improve leg cramps. Here I need to solemnly tell you that from the current evidence-based evidence, calcium deficiency and leg cramps are not associated, so calcium supplements can not relieve leg cramps.In addition, there are some “leg cramps are magnesium deficiency, need to supplement magnesium”, there is no conclusive research evidence, so we do not routinely recommend expectant mothers to supplement magnesium.Leg fatigue and lack of exercise can cause leg cramps Since it’s not calcium and magnesium deficiency, what are the causes of leg cramps during pregnancy?Leg cramp is actually the muscle of the body is not controlled by our willpower and spontaneous, painful muscle contraction, most often appear at night, general crus cramp is more.Current research suggests leg cramps may be related to excessive leg fatigue during pregnancy.Because of lower limb muscle fatigue, will produce the metabolites such as lactic acid, pyruvic acid, at that time, because the stomach has a baby, mother’s internal organs on the inferior vena cava and the oppression of pelvic vein increased, lower limb muscle venous return slow, cannot be shipped in a timely manner, the metabolites are likely to cause involuntary contraction of the calf muscles, and leg cramps.In addition, lack of exercise during pregnancy and excessive weight gain during pregnancy may also increase the risk of leg cramps.2 ways to Prevent leg cramps Now that we know what causes leg cramps, what are some ways to prevent leg cramps during pregnancy?Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to prevent leg cramps, but you can try the following 2 methods to reduce the incidence of leg cramps.The first is to move your legs properly.Both during the day and before bed, expectant mothers are advised to stretch their calf muscles regularly.Whether you’re sitting at work, relaxing, eating, or watching TV, wiggle your ankle joints and wiggle your toes frequently.Don’t stand for long periods of time or sit with your legs crossed.If there is no exercise taboo, it is recommended that expectant mothers take a walk every day.Here is a specific exercise to recommend, is to stretch the hind legs.The specific operation method is: the expectant mother faces the wall, hands hold the wall, feet together, heels on the ground, feet from the wall distance of about 0.6 meters.Keep your shoulders, knees and hips straight in a straight line for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times at least twice a day.Figure: You can try this for a week, and if the leg cramps do decrease, then gradually reduce the amount of training.Second, take a hot bath before bed to soothe your muscles.In addition to exercise, a hot bath before bed can soothe muscles and reduce nighttime leg cramps.When sleeping, you can try the left decubitus position to reduce the compression of the enlarged uterus on the inferior vena cava and pelvic vessels and improve the reflux of the lower limb veins.Well, today’s article is to share here, I hope we can because of the arrival of children and have the opportunity to become a better themselves, do better parents, learn to think, learn to judge, learn to analyze, accompany our children and grow up together with him.This article by the home of the little man original, welcome to pay attention to, take you together long knowledge!