Beijing Weidu | Xinmin Evening News photographer Winter Olympics experience: one square meter of fireworks

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Before the night of the Winter Olympics begins, the first “test” photographers have to face is scouting for plane seats.Photo: camera stand in corridor Xiao Junwei, reporter of Xinmin Evening News, took a picture of the size of Beijing for all to see.Finding a good Angle to photograph fireworks in the vast city of Beijing is no easy task.Unlike the 2008 Beijing Olympics, “Big footprints” step by step “towards” the main venue.This year’s fireworks display area is much smaller, centered around the Bird’s Nest.Experienced friends said that Beijing’s central axis all the way north, close to the traffic control area to find a place, is basically the standard answer to the big test.The opening ceremony was at 8 PM. In order to prepare early, I went to the “Bird’s Nest” at 1 PM to look for shooting spots around it.However, when I arrived at the scene, I found that even at the edge of the temporary control area, it was also a huge “square”. As time went by, more and more areas were pulled on the iron horse and set up the security, which ensured the opening ceremony in the evening.Old-style residential area, six-story building, open front…In the residential building next to the no-go zone, I found the best possible location for the moment.The higher the floor, the “bird’s nest” outside the window jumps out from the shade of trees and buildings, and gradually becomes clear.Not bad. There are still some trees in the foreground, but it’s better than nothing.Photo: Mr. Chang, a photography enthusiast, waited here for a day just to record the moment of the fireworks.At the top of the corridor, I met the first audience in the corridor viewing area, Mr. Chang, a Native of Beijing.This is a photography enthusiast, with a camera tripod photography bag, stationed in the corridor for a long time.The window sill of the old house is very high, so to give the camera something to rely on, Mr. Chang used local materials and placed a plastic bucket under the tripod, just to face the bird’s nest outside the window.The glass of the old house was broken. He took a paper towel and dipped it in water.”I like to record. I have been photographing buses, trains and planes for ten years.When an old house is being torn down or the mall is closing, I take a picture of it.””For tonight’s fireworks, my wife and I drove around early in the morning and searched a lot of places. It was a witness to history,” Chang said.To be fair, the corridor observation deck is not perfect for the shooting environment, but the atmosphere wins.Occasionally residents pass by, say hello, we point to the direction of the nest, also can get a tolerant eyes.After dark, in Beijing’s minus 3 degrees Celsius weather outside, the makeshift observation deck inside is heating up.Originally there were only two people in the corridor, after the opening ceremony began to come ten people.A couple stood on the steps of the fifth floor watching the broadcast, and the announcement from their mobile phones became the source of news in the corridor.An old couple under the leadership of their son to climb a building, breath is not calm, took out a mobile phone to let their son to the window to shoot two “send over”.Different from the spectacular sound and light show at the opening ceremony, the viewing area in the corridor is silent.The “bird’s Nest” in the window frame is illuminated mostly in red, occasionally with blue and white lights.When the light changes, many people will subconsciously lift the mobile phone waiting, lifting acid, put down and then lift.The live broadcast phone downstairs is like the simultaneous sound of this silent scene. When most people have nothing to say, they are listening to the live broadcast to understand what is happening at the opening ceremony.At 10 p.m., the opening ceremony came to a successful end.Bam!Pa…The bird’s Nest stadium in the distance suddenly flashed and the sky turned white.People in the viewing platform of the corridor were also “lit”, raising mobile phone cameras, through the small window of one square meter, watching the night sky was lit up by the fireworks.We waited for 10 hours, holding our breath, pressing the shutter and recording video in front of the extreme romance of that square inch…Left his own unique memory of the Winter Olympics.(Xinmin Evening News special correspondent Xiao Junwei Beijing today)