The top spot in the Eastern Conference lost unexpectedly!Van Jordan led the team with four players scoring 20 points and demar derozan had 28 points

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Beijing time on February 4, the NBA regular season continues, the Raptors host the Bulls.The Raptors are 26-23 and eighth in the Eastern Conference, while the Bulls are 32-18 and first in the East. Both teams are on a winning streak, but the Raptors are clearly the stronger team, having recently beaten strong opponents in a row.The Raptors dominated the game through the first three quarters, and the Bulls were outplayed in the paint until demar Derozan and Vucevic tied the game in the final moments of the fourth quarter before Barnes hit a putback to send the game into overtime.Anunobi hit back-to-back 3-pointers in overtime and Trent sealed the win with a 3-pointer in the final minutes.The Raptors beat the Bulls 127-120, giving the Raptors their fourth straight win and the Bulls their second straight.For the Bulls, Vucevic had 30 points, 18 rebounds and four assists, derozan had 28 points, six rebounds and seven assists, lavine had 15 points, five rebounds and seven assists, Dausum had 11 points, four rebounds and eight assists, Green had 13 points, six rebounds and three steals, and White had 16 points.For the Raptors, Vanvleet had 21 points, four rebounds and nine assists, Siakam had 25 points, 13 rebounds and seven assists, Anunobi had 21 points and six assists, Barnes had 21 points and eight rebounds, Boucher had 16 points and 10 rebounds and Trent had 16 points.Barnes and Trent Jr. scored six points in a row, but the Bulls got hot from the outside, and Vucevic and Dolsum got three, and the two teams went up in turns.In the middle of van Fleet foul three, sika and Anunobi scored consecutive points, the Raptors slightly open the gap.Lavine and Kobe White led the raptors to a split, vanfleet and Anunobi scored five straight points, and Troy Brown answered with a 3-pointer at the end of the quarter to give Toronto a 26-24 lead in the first quarter.Back in the second quarter, Sika and Boucher continued to add to the lead, before Siakam and Barnes hit 3-pointers to push the Raptors into double digits.After the Bulls relied on role players to respond, Vucevic dunked, derozan drove to the basket for a foul and Trent Jr. hit a 3-pointer late in the quarter to give the Raptors a 54-50 lead at halftime.Back in the second half, young Trent and Vucevic on three points, the two teams score alternately rising, in the middle of van Fleet hit a 3-pointer, Bushe counterattack layup, Anunobi three points, Bushe counterattack burst dunk, Van fleet break through to complete 2+1, Bushe burst dunk again open the point difference.The raptors scored 87-81 after three quarters with Van Vleet and Kobe White at the end of the quarter.In the fourth quarter, demar Derozan tomahawk dunked, Lavine and Kobe White hit 3-pointers to put the Bulls within striking distance.Sika and Anunobi made back-to-back kills, achuwa finished 2+1.In the deciding moment, Van Fleet hit a 3, lavine led the team to get within 3 points.In the last minute, the Raptors made free throws to open a 6-point deficit, vucevic and derozan led the team to tie the score!The last minute, Van Jordan dribble error, Vucevic rebound into the basket, Barnes also rebound hit, the game into overtime.In overtime, Barnes makes a layup, Anunobi responds with a 3, derozan makes a strong shot, Anunobi makes another 3, After Dawsom ties the score, Barnes hits the board, and Trent makes a 3 to seal the game!The Raptors beat the Bulls 127-120 at home for their fourth straight win and the bulls’ two-game winning streak.The Raptors are a very tough team going into 2022, knocking the Heat out of the top spot in the Eastern Conference with two wins, ending the Hawks’ seven-game winning streak and trouncing the dark horse Hornets, including a rout of the Bucks and a comeback win over the Utah Jazz.In fact, this team really count on six people: Van Jordan, Trent, Sika, Anunobi, Barnes, a bench bushe, today, six people scored in double figures, tenacious style.The Raptors shot 10 percent less than the Bulls, but they grabbed 22 rebounds.In addition to the young Barnes who has slowly settled into the team and is averaging 14.6 points and 7.8 rebounds per game this season, the Raptors have a chance to compete for a playoff spot, Nurse, like Tyronn Lue, is underrated.The bulls’ biggest problem right now is perimeter defense.Vucevic and demar derozan would have been fine on offense and a little hard on defense if they were just playing inside, but the Bulls have no defensive pressure on the perimeter without Caruso and Ball, and lavine and Dolsoom can’t hold down opponents.The Bulls have been in an awkward position this season. They’ve had a couple of good individual players, but to be honest, the role players are so different that Donovan is trying to get brown, Bradley, and others in the rotation.The Bulls, without Caruso and Lonzo ball for a month or two, can only hope to bite the first group.