The suspense musical “Gangju Story 1937” was presented at the Revival Center

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On February 19, chongqing’s first independent youth troupe, “Under glory” troupe, staged the musical drama “Jiangzhou Anecdotes 1937” at the Reenactment Times Art Center.The actors brought the musical “Chongqing ·1937” back to chongqing stage for the first time in 2010 at the Texas Shakespeare Theater Festival “Chinese Drama Night”, bringing the audience back to Chongqing in 1937 in a theatrical way.According to the introduction, in 2009, Zhang Shuzhi, the artistic director of Chongqing Glorious Xia Qingnian Troupe, wrote the play chongqing 1937 in English based on the dictation of Xiao Nengzhu, a famous cultural and historical expert in Chongqing, on the social and historical features of Chongqing during the War of Resistance against Japan and accompanying the capital.The following year, Chongqing 1937 was performed as the first “Chinese Drama Night” in the International cultural exchange unit of the Texas Art Festival, and was well received by many audiences.The “Gangju Story 1937” at the Reenactment Center is the first Chinese version of “Chonggyeong 1937.”This play takes chongqing in 1937 as the historical background, tells the story of a murder happened in a nightclub, through the detective to solve the case, the progress of the investigation process, to reproduce the historical and cultural features of Chongqing during the Anti-Japanese War.The musical “Gangju Story 1937” began at 7:30 p.m. with the detective turning on the phonograph on stage.Throughout the show, the actors restored the truth of the case that took place in old Chongqing through lines, dialogues and music, taking the passage of time and the change of space as clues.In addition to the ups and downs of the plot, wonderful performances, the script introduced to Chongqing, on the basis of maintaining the characteristics of the original, but also added a lot of Chongqing elements.The 2010 English version of “Chongqing ·1937” had only six songs, while the polished version has 14, according to Gao Ran xiaozi, the producer of “Jiangzhou ·1937.”It is both an inner monologue and a spectator.The familiar music and the occasional chongqing dialect made the audience smile.”The story is grounded and the acting is humorous.”Xiang Xin, who came out of the theater and brought her children to see the performance, was deeply impressed. She hoped that this kind of musical could be staged more often, so that they could also know the story of old Chongqing.It is understood that in addition to primary school teachers, there are two sophomores in the cast.”It is a risky choice to use a local team to tell local stories for local audiences, but it also represents the love and expectation of the city’s young people for drama.”Gao Yao xiaozi said that as young theater artists, they have always wanted to show chongqing stories to chongqing audiences with the help of the stage, hoping to restore the thick history and culture and red memory of Chongqing through the drama “Jiangzhou Anecdotes ·1937”.