The Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued five technical standards to guide the investigation of sewage outlets

2022-08-06 0 By

In recent years, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has carried out environmental protection for drinking water sources, and special actions such as the investigation and rectification of sewage outlets from the Yangtze river, Bohai Sea and Yellow River.Through several special actions, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently issued five technical standards, which will play an important supporting role in carrying out scientific and precise pollution control in China in the future.The five technical standards released are “River (sea) sewage outlet three-level investigation technical Guide”, “River (sea) sewage outlet investigation and remediation drone remote sensing aerial survey technical specifications” and “river (sea) sewage outlet investigation and remediationTechnical specifications for REMOTE sensing interpretation by UNMANNED aerial vehicle (UAV), Naming and coding rules for Discharge outlets into Rivers (seas), and Technical specifications for remote sensing Investigation of Risk sources of Centralized surface water drinking water sources.By summarizing the practical application of modern technologies such as UAV and satellite remote sensing in the investigation process, the workflow, technical system and related parameters of the investigation of sewage outlet into river and sea and the remote sensing investigation of water source risk sources are proposed systematically for the first time.It provides technical reference for guiding the follow-up work of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, as well as guiding the development of similar work around the country.China has accurately identified and helped solve more than 10,000 ecological and environmental problems and potential risks in more than 2,800 water sources at and above the county level nationwide, it was reported.The three-level investigation mode of “uav aerial survey, on-site investigation on foot, quality control and critical verification” has been passed.In 11 provinces of the Yangtze River Basin, we completed a high-precision inspection of 24,000 kilometers of coastline, with an image accuracy of 0.1m, which greatly improved the work efficiency and quality of sewage outlet investigation.(CCTV reporter Wang Chen)