Spring Festival does not stop!Construction of key projects in Hangzhou and Xiamen was accelerated

2022-08-06 0 By

Yesterday (6th), after continuous fighting, the main construction of the 500 kv qiaochao and Qiaochung relocation project in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou was completed.The line is an energy artery that transports electricity from the Qiantang River north to the South of the Yangtze River and will supply power to the main stadium and village of the Asian Games during the 2022 Asian Games.From December 24 power cuts, workers have to build 300 tons of tower materials into four 80-meter-high towers within two weeks.Stepping on the pedals, the workers braved the rain to climb the newly erected 20-meter tower.The new pylons had no resting platform, so the team helped each other, hunched over the slippery tower, and gingerly searched for a foothold.The crane suspends the steel in the air and slowly approaches the tower. While contacting the crane driver to adjust the height of the crane arm with the intercom, the team leader pulls it to the bolt hole on the tower body together with his workmates and prepares to join it.Aloft workers are cautious, and above ground, project managers coordinate with walkie-talkies.In order to ensure the construction period and safety, He Zhujun made this schedule more than a month in advance, detailing the daily workload for nine groups of 342 construction workers.He Zhujun, deputy manager of relocation project department of Zhejiang Power Transmission and Transformation Company, said: There are night shifts these days. It is worthwhile to grab a little progress to ensure the smooth completion of the Asian Games.In order to let more than 300 workers in the Spring Festival in peace of mind during the construction, the construction side also invited some members of the family to the site in advance.Li Qiang, construction worker of Zhejiang Power Transmission and Transformation Company: I really hope that I can go to the Asian Games with my relatives to have a look, such an opportunity is really rare.Zhejiang transmission and transformation company construction staff Wang Yucheng: our wish is for the country out of their own force.Construction of several key projects in Xiamen, Fujian province, has been accelerated during the Spring Festival holiday.In xiamen’s new airport project, more than 2,000 construction workers chose to stay on duty to ensure the construction of the project, they did a good job in advance of material procurement and storage.The Construction of Tongan Section of National Highway 324 double Route and Xiamen Pumped storage Power Station is also in full flow. The builders are sticking to their posts to ensure the construction schedule and make a good start for the construction of the whole year.