Seventy-six years ago, 15 American soldiers were killed or wounded. The commander of the military division telegraphed Ye Jianying: Don’t say we did it

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On July 30, 1946, the embassy in the United States Marine corps command to in Peiping of ye jianying, director of the kuomintang military conflict mediation committee sent a notice: the patrol on July 29 in 35 kilometers southwest of Beijing’s people’s liberation army (PLA) armed forces attacked, killing three people, including a us army officer, four people seriously injured, eight minor injuries.The Chinese communist Party is required to make a detailed investigation report and give advice on how to deal with the attackers, otherwise the mediation will be stopped and all disputes arising therefrom will be held responsible by the Chinese Communist Party.Due to the sensitive period of peace talks between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China, ye Jianying received a notice from the United States felt the importance of the situation, immediately telephoned The commander of the Eastern Hebei military region Zhan Caifang, deputy commander Bi Zhanyun emergency investigation.Telegram to ye jianying had not thought is only a few hours later, jidong military command from the survey, said the reason is that the United States Marine corps in anping area ZongBing rob food, then and tongzhou guerrillas, the us regardless of our personnel, not only not stop ZongBing rob food and take the lead in fire, our six people were injured,Our troops were forced to return fire when attempts to dissuade them failed, resulting in American casualties.However, only an hour later, an urgent report was sent from the Eastern Hebei Military Region claiming that the previous investigation was wrong and that the two sides were forced to exercise the right of self-defense because a US patrol headed for Peiping broke through our checkpoint and opened fire on its own initiative.It was the Fifth Company of the 53rd Regiment, not a local guerrilla group, that engaged in the firefight with the U.S. troops.But the message in both cables is the same: The Americans fired first, and our troops were forced to return fire, and the Americans deserved to be killed.Although the two cables from, but the only thing in common is the first shot was responsible for the military conflict, so at this point is contacting us representatives of zhou enlai to make a decision after the cable yanan, now is the sensitive period of kuomintang and conflict, the United States as a representative of the mediation, we too difficult to create conflict, is the safest way is to we acknowledge the conflict for the misunderstanding.As there were casualties on both sides, both sides should apologize to each other.Although the United States was the mediator in the conflict between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, it entered the area under the control of our army without informing the Communist Party in advance and fired the first shots. Therefore, both sides should apologize to each other and take a step back.When the US side learned of our attitude towards this matter, it repeatedly stressed that it was our side deliberately ambushed and attacked actively, not only disagreeing with our coordination method, but also making serious protests against it.Zhou Enlai, who was experienced in diplomacy, also felt very suspicious about the ATTITUDE of the United States, and then asked the Eastern Hebei Military Region to investigate it in detail.Finally, on August 10, the Eastern Hebei Military Area Command sent a telegram saying that our 53th Regiment stationed in Xianghe had received a notice from guerrilla commander Ma Zicong that a group of American patrol cars loaded with ammunition would pass through our controlled area on July 25 and suggested taking necessary measures to intercept this batch of ammunition.Then I 53rd regiment 5 company under the leadership of the regiment chief of staff Peng Guang ambush in advance, and launched a dynamic attack on the American patrol.The sudden situation, let the front and the United States personnel negotiation Zhou Enlai, Ye Jianying unprepared.Zhou Enlai, who got the telegram, immediately sent another telegram to ask: “Our three telegraphic investigations are different. What is the truth?”Urgent jidong military region detailed investigation and reply, no more concealment.Under the strict questioning of Zhou Enlai and Ye Jianying, Zeng Yong, commander of the 14th Military Division of the Eastern Hebei Military Region, finally confessed to Zhan Caifang: among the three investigation reports to Zhou Enlai and Ye Jianying, only the third report told the truth.Indeed, it was only after we got the intelligence that there was a group of American patrol cars, loaded with ammunition, about to pass through the area under our control, that we ordered peng Guang, chief of staff of the 53rd Regiment, to lead the fifth company to ambush and attack.Zeng Yong also hope ZhanCaiFang told zhou enlai, ye jianying: hope to zhou enlai, ye jianying do not all start, as we get information in advance, to enter the controlled area food I learned that the kuomintang aspects, so early to lie in wait, and then the U.S. patrol as the machinery the kuomintang army, the final shot will cause misunderstanding.Zhou Enlai, who always had a good temper, after receiving the confession telegram, threw it on the table and angrily said: The subordinate cadres should ask the leaders to cooperate with them to lie, it is simply lax discipline and unreasonable.However, when we were looking for steps for our own passivity, the Kuomintang had a divine assist.Claims that Kuomintang soldiers saw not only two American vehicles captured, but also several American soldiers captured.Because in the previous negotiations with our army, the Us side verified that 15 people were killed or injured in the firefight, but did not mention that some vehicles were captured by us and soldiers were captured.The meeting was adjourned immediately for a new inquiry.And our side immediately seized this point, claimed that the United States announced the adjournment because of collusion with the Kuomintang, false testimony framed against our side.The US request for adjournment of the talks is an excuse to falsify the testimony again.Although after an investigation by the United States, the KUOMINTANG claimed that the remarks about American soldiers being captured were fabricated, it still required the Chinese Communist Party to severely punish the leading attackers.Our side to the United States collusion with the Kuomintang false testimony framed our side and refused.In the months after the war, the United States continued to engage in entanglements, but as the Civil war broke out and the Nationalists retreated, the attack on 15 U.S. Marines ended in nothing.