My husband’s grandmother

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Wang Xiaoqiong’s husband’s grandmother, of course, I also call her grandmother.I am ninety-three years old. I have good eyesight and good eyesight.Soft-spoken, short hair, small and thin.Her eyes were always soft and her face was still rosy.Only the wrinkles around the corners of her eyes recorded her age.My grandmother has six children, two sons and four daughters.My mother-in-law is the oldest, in that era, the family is generally very difficult, let alone my grandmother’s family so many mouths, life is especially difficult.Although my mother-in-law did not read books, but also inherited the advantages of my grandmother, hard-working, kind.When my mother-in-law was only a few years old, she helped my grandmother to share the housework.My uncle was small, clever and fond of reading. The whole family put their hopes on my uncle.Efforts of uncle is also very promising, did not live up to expectations.When my husband was born, my mother-in-law suddenly fell ill and could not breastfeed.The grandmother felt distressed that her daughter loved her grandson, so she took the baby to raise.Grandmother to her husband love add, what delicious will be the first to her husband to eat.Sometimes uncles who are older than their husbands are also jealous.Grandmother enlightens uncle: you are elder, don’t and junior general knowledge.How happy you are to be an uncle so young!How proud!It is not appropriate for others to want to be!Your nephew loves you very much.Be a good uncle, don’t bully him, don’t let other boys bully him!In this way, my husband under the care of the grandmother, healthy and happy life.My uncle often helped my grandmother to feed her husband, feed him tea and soup, dress him and bathe him, teach him to play games…The summer my husband was seven years old.A rash all over my head.Grandmother everywhere seek medical advice, also not good.Prickly heat not only did not disappear, and even long a big abscess, which can be anxious bad grandmother.Later, my grandmother was introduced to an old Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine surnamed Liu who lived 30 miles away.The traffic was not convenient. It was all on foot.Grandmother carrying her husband left before dawn and arrived at Dr. Liu’s clinic at eight in the morning.I checked my prescriptions and hurried home with little rest.During the medication phase, my husband could not sleep well.Grandmother on the bedside, with a big fan for her husband fan mosquitoes.Every time until the husband fell asleep, grandma had a little nap.Grandmother because husband this disease did not shed tears, for fear that he will fall what sequela.Husband at that time also very sensible, often comfort grandmother said: I don’t hurt, grandmother you don’t cry, nothing, you rest assured, I will be fine.Grandma is also helpful.She never said no to her neighbors when they needed help.He always speaks with a pleasant face.Although he is now in his nineties, he often manages the garden and does housework.Fresh vegetables at home are often sent one way or the other.My grandmother is the treasure of our family, is a bodhisattva, I love my grandmother, I hope she can be healthy and happy forever!