“Musicians” on steel Girder Bridge

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Source: Workers’ Daily client title: the “musicians” on the steel girder bridge Workers’ Daily – China Industrial Network reporter Ye Xiaozhong correspondent Lu Province Province January 26, the South Chinese New Year, the weather was overcast.On the Qujiang railway bridge of Guangzhou Railway line in shaoguan East Bridge tunnel workshop of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., LTD., the sound of “ding dong, ding dong” is playing like percussion instruments. The water under the bridge is very calm, and occasionally a small fish pops out of the water as a temporary “audience”.Shaoguan East bridge tunnel maintenance work area deputy foreman Xie Youjun is leading 4 teammates for the wooden pillow “tie the head rope”, beating the sound source from the small hammer knock nails.The qujiang railway bridge is about 10 meters high and the steel beam section is 128 meters long.The name of Qujiang, quite historical, because emperor Wudi Yuan Ding six years (111 BC) pacized south Yue qujiang County, in addition to the geographical location has a profound historical and cultural charm, the bridge is still left beside the Guangdong-Han railway bridge of 4 piers.The new Qujiang Railway Bridge and the old Guangdong-Han railway bridge completed the historical handover in 1988, just like these bridge keepers, day after day, year after year to inherit and adhere to.Xie Youjun and his teammates Xiao Ajun, Li Guangzhou and Zhong Junqiang spread out and half knelt on the bridge. They wound the iron wire around the sleepers and tightened the iron wire and played “music” with a hammer.”Di, di, there is a car coming, the next road to avoid the car”, accompanied by the guard honk and shout, xie Youjun, who had just tied up a pillow head, got up quickly, picked up the tools to avoid the car next road.Soon, the whistling train sped across the Qujiang Bridge.”This is the ninth train today. The density of trains is too high during the Spring Festival travel rush,” Xie said with a smile.Workers estimate that about 500 trains pass through every day during the Spring Festival travel rush.On the next lane to avoid the gap, up and down through the 3 train.It is also a challenge for them to pay attention to safety and finish the operation with high quality.”Point operation is like this, there is a car close to the next road to avoid the car, sometimes two times in a row, sometimes three times in a row, we have to be accurate and fast every time on the road, to ensure that every time before the car, the tie head of the wire tied intact.”The old master Xiao Ajun said, “The purpose of tying the sleepers is to prevent them from cracking and affecting driving safety.During the Spring Festival travel rush, the train density is large, and the pressure on the sleepers is much greater than usual. There is no room for carelessness.”Disposable chopsticks of the thickness of the wire, in the hands of the old masters, as light as threading a needle.”It looks simple, but it’s not easy,” said Li Jinbin, party secretary of shaoguan’s East Bridge tunnel workshop.When strapping, the long wire about 2 meters is wound around two and a half circles at the head of the sleepers. The wire is twisted into twisted threads with the s-shaped strapping device, and the U-shaped iron nail is nailed on the iron wire on both sides of the sleepers. There is no handle strength and skillful strength, and it is really bad.”Masters should tie the head tightly already, also want to pay attention to beautiful.It takes about 6 minutes to finish one tie, and the time of each train is about 6 to 10 minutes. If the faster master can finish two, the train will come.”Normally it’s ok, but during the Spring Festival travel rush, we are just like monkeys jumping up and down, suffering our old legs,” said li Guangzhou, the old master’s self-joke, which won us a laugh.It’s an effective way for them to fight boredom.Up and down the road, stop and go, knock knock, constantly repeat, is their daily work, is also life.Repetitive and monotonous, but must be taken seriously every time.”It’s boring, but we have to be responsible for our lives,” Mr. Xie said.In order to protect the safety of Bridges and tunnels, Xie Youjun and his colleagues walk through different tunnels and Bridges every day to carry out maintenance operations, “not letting go of a disease”, which is their working attitude, but also decades of faith and habit.It is understood that Xie Youjun in the work area, responsible for pipe Beijing-Guangzhou line, Gan Shao line, Gan Shao shu solution line a total of 17 Bridges, 2 long tunnels and hundreds of culverts maintenance tasks.Check and clean the cover plate of the open bridge deck, pier support, tunnel wall, drainage ditch and so on through eye observation and small hammer knock and sound.He had to walk five or six kilometers a day to get it checked out, and he had to hit at least 6,000 hammers.Editor in charge: Zhu Yidan