Chen Xuyuan makes controversial decisions!Men’s football team lost the reason found, this is another raise?

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Chen Xuyuan makes controversial decisions!Men’s football team lost the reason found, this is another raise?Women’s soccer makes money to pay men’s soccer. What’s going on?Beijing time on February 3, 2022, the team’s game against Vietnam, can let the Chinese fans broke new, this is also the team’s history, the most shameful, a game in the face of the Asian team 3 flow, but also in the group stage 7 defeats team, the team’s was played a 3 to 1, especially in the start stage is a 3-0 lead, it also makes the team’s fans too disappointed,Some fans even said they would never watch Chinese football again.After the match, Li Xiaopeng made several summaries and expressed the main reasons for the defeat of The National football Team. I would like to apologize to the fans for the loss of the game. The first reason was that there were some problems in the game design, which could not be saved later.Second, the players were over-motivated before the match. They wanted to win the game so much that they spent the first half of the game very nervous. Now the National football team has returned to Shanghai, but everyone found that Luo Guofu and Alan have returned to Brazil again.Actually naturalization on the problem of the use of foreign aid, dong lu is also made a reasonable explanation, that is like go luo national wealth and Alan, if you started training with team also calculate, play is bad to also have nothing to say, but this 2 people back in Brazil playing for two months, and still single, elbow grease, and after two months to go back to the team’s play, Li Xiaopeng also said Alan’s shoulder,The National football team needs you here.But for those who worked hard, they were replaced, but now Chen Xuyuan has again made a controversial decision that the Chinese women’s football team’s matches will not be broadcast live, and he has not broadcast the women’s football team’s three big wins, 4-0, 7-0, 3-1.However, the women’s football team’s crucial match against Japan was not live broadcast, but paid to watch it on network TV. It seems that it will make a lot of money. No matter how the National football team loses, it will be live broadcast, but the women’s football team will not live broadcast how to win, and they have to pay for watching.Is this another pay rise for men’s football?So what do you think about this?I hope you can click the follow button in the upper right corner and leave a comment in the comments section!