A back row?Us supplies 170 tons of explosives to Ukraine in three days

2022-08-06 0 By

The United States delivered two batches of weapons to Ukraine in three days, a total of 170 tons of explosives, but did not expect Ukraine to look at it, Ukrainian lawmakers said: the 1980s garbage.In recent days, the russia-Ukraine situation has repeatedly caught the attention of media and observers from all walks of life, but behind this conflict is the United States.In recent years, after seeing the rapid development of China and Russia, the United States began to suppress China and Russia constantly, in an attempt to contain the development of China and Russia in this way, so as to reduce the threat to the United States. Therefore, in this conflict, the United States encouraged NATO to expand eastward to put pressure on Russia.Ukraine naturally became a tool for NATO to put pressure on Russia, increasing troops on the Ukrainian border and sending signals that the situation was heating up.And the United States, as the principal investigator of the conflict, has not been idle. It has been reported that the United States is supplying weapons to Ukraine, but despite repeated Warnings from Russia, the United States has ignored these warnings, and has supplied weapons to Ukraine twice in recent days, just three days apart.According to news reports, recently with the American embassy in Ukraine, the United States to provide the first batch of new military weapons to Ukraine has arrived in Ukraine, this batch of goods including 90.7 tons of deadly ammo for Ukraine forward garrison, Ukraine’s defence minister, later on social media, said the United States for Ukraine’s second batch of military aid has arrived in Ukraine,This is a shipment of 80 tons of lethal weapons ammunition, which will greatly strengthen the fighting capability of the Ukrainian army.In this regard, some analysts believe that the current turmoil in the international situation is actually perpetrated by the United States. In order to safeguard their own interests, they are constantly undermining world peace, stability and development. This behavior is extremely shameful.Now that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has reached a boiling point, is it proper for the United States to hand Ukraine its weapons and watch the show from the sidelines?So the rest of the world should be aware of the sinister nature of the US, and that if it gets too close it will be exploited.The irony is that even though the US is supplying weapons to Ukraine, the Ukrainians are not looking at these weapons at all and are frankly providing a lot of rubbish.According to reports, recently Ukrainian member of Parliament Valery Genatenko said in an interview with the media, although the United States provided weapons to Ukraine, but What Ukraine got was basically the garbage of the 1980s, these garbage weapons Ukraine has, and the performance is much stronger.In short, the United States has always been very cunning, Ukraine is just the cannon fodder used by the United States to interfere with Russia, so Ukraine had better stop as soon as possible, otherwise it will only be beaten up by Russia.(Mathenmoon)