Vlahovich’s debut highlight!Diaz is admirable. They have other faults besides being expensive?

2022-08-05 0 By

The winter window is actually made a lot of fans disappointed, on the one hand, because people too high expectation for summer window, after all, and she and harland this two new “handsome siblings” will be the bottom of the buyers, but if there is some surprise, the viola this winter the team’s star miodrag vlahovic sold to the serie a giants Juventus,The transfer fee was also over 80 million euros. Many fans did not like Vlahovic when he was at Fiorentina, thinking he was a pie-eating striker, and there was a gap between Bimbappe and Harland.But it took the Serbian just two games to prove his worth, scoring on his old lady debut and scoring a superb goal in the Coppa Italia against a defender that left fans wondering if there was anything wrong with the star being expensive.Compared with miodrag vlahovic, dias transfer more low-key, Colombia striker came to England from Portugal, debut also played more than half an hour, but in the game and leicester city he let the fans see the ability as a top striker, sharp breakthrough and running at force to conquer the fans at anfield.In fact, Klopp’s purchase of dias is also to prepare for the replacement of the front line, after all, trident has come to the tacit understanding of their career, and minamano Takashi and Origi and others are limited, dias to give a sense of peace.With diaz bringing jota into the mix, the team is now in a competitive mood and the move is worth it.Actually like miodrag vlahovic and dias such players had the world’s top players, they just need to hone again in big clubs and top league a few years, and Colombia as Serbia international, their profile is not real football star players to high power, but not have that kind of grassroots idol?Is not always in the spotlight, but it can give a person infinite vision of that kind of person, the two of them is this type of player, good and inexpensive in their body may not be appropriate, but indeed, pursuit of football and is not a person’s carnival, people who actually get the final star is can show oneself have can help to the team, especially miodrag vlahovic,Fans are also looking forward to his performance in The Qatar World Cup and wonder if his net worth will break the 100 million mark in the next two years.