Three consecutive years of losses of 500 million, just to let everyone have fun, against the cold 2022 opening word of mouth broke out

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The Spring Festival is our most important festival, in this happy day, game manufacturers are also very “wise” for players to open some welfare activities or holiday feedback, so as to win the affirmation of players, improve the popularity of the game.And in a lot of game manufacturers, NetEase’s “upstream cold” may be the most willing to one.As NetEase’s flagship gufeng online game, “Against the Cold” has always been known for its “deep pockets” in the game industry.Early in the research and development period, with more than five years of research and development and hundreds of millions of large sums of RESEARCH and development set a legend.After the official launch of the game, a series of welfare activities have repeatedly refreshed players’ cognition, among which the most important is the point-free card mode first launched in 2020 in response to the call of the national fight against the epidemic.During the Spring Festival of 2020, in order to match the anti-epidemic activities and encourage players to stay at home, The game not only added a large number of game benefits and activities, but also opened the point-free card mode for players for the first time, and continued to extend the point-free card period until the epidemic was lifted.And since then, the Spring Festival “no point card” has become a practice survived, despite the outbreak this year has been effective control, but the cold under official in order not to let the players down, still announced that since January 20 to February 23, the cold under the clothing taken from point card mode, players can play without the burden of chang.If the Spring Festival free card strategy in previous years was related to the fight against the epidemic, this year’s free card is more closely related to the game’s latest online expansion.On January 20, under the cold “officially launched an” destroyed day out “the expansion, will officially into the open world acclaimed play game, let the cold under became the first on the market have open world play the end product, and this expansion, also can be called” under cold “since most blockbuster, most players praise large updates.The open world of “Against the Cold” is a huge map called “Mountain Sea” that covers more than 2,400 square kilometers, twice the size of Hong Kong.Unlike traditional game maps, the world of mountain and Sea can interact with every tree and grass, not only has up to nine different landforms, but also is full of danger, extreme weather, powerful monsters, special events and even terrain.More terrible is, because of the influence of magnetic field changes, players to the world of mountains and seas, the original river’s lake repair for all scattered, kung fu lost, can only face the worst environmental challenges in adverse circumstances.It may seem like a lot of trouble to start from scratch, but there’s a lot of fun to be had.Mountain in the world is not only rich products, but also has a number of much treasure puzzle, in the mountains, volcanoes, or ice, covered with large and small treasure box, players can get the necessary open the treasure case material or manufacturing skills, to make advanced potions, tools and other survival insurance necessary props, through the economic growth in the world,Players can finally break through the boundaries and get the battle power they’ve always wanted.Due to the rich playability of the world of Mountains and seas, the new expansion has been widely praised by players, and on this basis, the developer has announced a special point-free card strategy for the New Year, which undoubtedly makes players more excited.The game has seen a big boost in word of mouth, becoming the first blockbuster of 2022.It is reported that the Spring Festival free point card system since the implementation of three years, “against the cold” light “loss” lost point card revenue of nearly 500 million.So, what do you think of this kind of behavior?