Millions of Internet celebrities born in the 2000s raise their families by selling waste products. They shut down the reward function of livestream and face hardships with optimism

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With the rise of short video platform, it gives ordinary people a chance to become famous and let them know the beauty and food of different places without leaving home. Many people realize overnight wealth through short video platform.For the word “net red”, we are also divided, because some people will get lost in the flow, forget their original intention, however, there are net red has been sober.For example, Su Xiaoyu, a million Internet celebrities born after 2000, gained 1.43 million followers in just one month after joining the short video platform.Su xiaoyu was born in a very poor family. His parents were both very old and seriously ill.His father was nearly 70 years old, suffering from bronchitis and lung disease, and had basically lost the ability to work. His mother had been confined to bed for a long time due to hemiplegia caused by cerebral hemorrhage.He also has a brother and a sister, but the older brother suffers from schizophrenia and depression and needs to be taken care of. The older sister has already married and works outside all the time, so she can do little to help.Neither her parents nor her elder brother can go out to earn money, nor have the ability to work. Therefore, su Xiaoyu has to take medicine in addition to the daily living expenses.Born after 2000, Su xiaoyu lives on 6 mu of land and usually does odd jobs. When there is no work, su sells waste to support his family.Later, he came into contact with short videos and posted videos of his daily life on the Internet. People gradually began to pay attention to this post-00s teenager.In the video, he is dressed in a black down jacket and looks very handsome. Every time he appears, he seems sunny. It is hard to believe that this young man can remain optimistic in the face of suffering.Because there are a lot of net red online is a script, there is a team, at the beginning we also doubt that Su Xiaoyu’s life, is the team packaging out of the people set.But later we found that Su Xiaoyu’s real life is like this, he sent the video, just want to seek social help.After slowly gaining fans, Su Xiaoyu also tried livestream, only the first time received fans reward gift, was severely criticized by his father.Rural people do not have any culture, but they also know that they have to rely on their own hands to make money, not by selling misery for others to give money, only by their own ability to earn money, spending is practical.Since then, Su xiaoyu will directly shut down the reward function, no longer accept gifts from fans, although the life is very poor, but must not be without ambition.Su Xiaoyu’s father gave him a good education from an early age, so that he understood the truth of life, but a lot of people even if they have money do not live Su Xiaoyu sober, has been doing network beggars.Even if life is difficult, Su Xiaoyu is optimistic face, his story is to tell everyone that positive face difficulties, there is no such thing as insurmountable obstacles.