Men fall in love, don’t be influenced by women

2022-08-05 0 By

Some brothers always think too much during chatting. What does that mean?If a girl said something, he would guess what she meant, what she thought, if she didn’t like me, if she was hanging on to me.Whenever you guess the girl’s psychological state, then you will be imperceptibly influenced by her, so some of your behavior, language, also will change imperceptibly, girls can feel you have been affected by her.She started to lose interest in you.Why is that?Because a girl is looking for a man who is upward compatible, she can influence you, and her subconscious will assume that you are weaker than her.That’s why I lost interest in you.(People with strong energy can influence the weak, but the weak cannot influence the strong, this is the rule.) Girls are human beings, they also like challenging and energetic men, and they also hope to get an excellent man through their own efforts.When your mind, mood, and behavior are no longer influenced by girls, when you are yourself, when you are independent, then you begin to be attractive in the eyes of women.