Keep up with market demand zhengzhou Omic teaching model optimization and upgrading again

2022-08-05 0 By

Big river network news how to follow the market demand?In 2022, Zhengzhou Omich West Point School optimized and upgraded the teaching mode in an all-round way. Classrooms are decorated based on the working environment, using advanced teaching equipment, high-quality teaching materials, situational teaching, interactive training, and all students operate independently…Zhengzhou Omici West Point School adopts the teaching mode of combining international advanced situational teaching with interactive practical training, which fully embodies the characteristics of task-driven, project teaching, teacher-student interactive teaching, practical teaching, DIY scene experience through teaching and fun.The teaching site has eight practical training processes including product explanation, practical operation demonstration, student training, flow guidance, centralized comment, packaging display, scoring summary and intensive practice. The teaching process is strictly regulated according to industry standards, simultaneous practical operation and combination of theory and practice to create a new classroom experience with immersive teaching.To working environment, teaching modernization according to the requirement of the modern vocational education and the characteristics of the west industry, zhengzhou international imports is configured on the mickey teaching facilities and modern teaching training rooms, with the actual work environment based on the classroom decor, provides students with professional experience of the classroom.Set up flexible assessment mechanism, strictly control students’ academic level after each stage of learning, Zhengzhou Omic will have strict assessment.On the one hand, pay attention to the students’ practical operation ability assessment, assessment of students on professional equipment proficiency and professional knowledge of the degree of mastery.On the other hand, strictly control the quality of students’ works.Only theory and practice double qualified, can issue graduation certificate and recommend employment.Zhengzhou Omic regularly holds colorful campus skills competitions to test students’ basic skills and compete for creative thinking.In addition, teachers will also take students out to participate in industry skills competitions to improve their learning outcomes through professional competition.Through the competition, students can deepen the learning atmosphere, achieve the teaching purpose of promoting teaching and learning through competition, and at the same time, it can improve the teaching quality, better cultivate high-quality compound talents, and contribute to the sustainable development of the industry.It is worth noting that Zhengzhou Omic West Point School will add new professional quality improvement courses such as professional awareness, professional ethics, professional style and professional attitude to the professional curriculum system of 9 months and above.Yu Jinlian, principal of the school, said that students can enter the workplace as a standard professional as soon as they graduate.I am not only qualified for relevant technical positions, but also know how to get along with leaders and colleagues in the competitive workplace and how to adjust my attitude in the face of work pressure.(Zhang Xiaomeng)