In ancient Chinese poetry, looking for “Bing Dwen Dwen”

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Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, has taken the skyline by storm!”One pier is hard to find” is the norm, “ice pier pier freedom” is the capital to show off, more people simply do it themselves, make a snowman, pinch color mud, knitting wool, just for a DIY “ice pier pier”.”Bing Dwen Dwen” is the world, but also China, it is full of Chinese elements: as the mascot of the panda, is unique to China rare animals;As the inspiration of the shape of ice-sugar gourd, is the characteristic snacks of old Beijing.In fact, the Chinese have been fond of ice since ancient times: pure ice and pure jade are the highest praise for the natural landscape or personal character.In Chinese classical poetry, “ice element” can be said to be both pitching.North of the “ice dun dun”, the atmosphere!The main venues of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are located in today’s Beijing and Zhangjiakou city of Hebei Province, which is located in the Yellow River basin and is typical of northern China.”North scenery, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow floating”, winter cold and snow in north China, the Mother river of the Chinese nation Yellow River, usually is “the water of the Yellow River from heaven”, but in winter, is also a frozen scene.At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, cao Cao, an outstanding politician and poet, wrote a set of “Stepping out of Xiamen” on his journey to the north, inspired by the scenery along the way.Among them the third “He Shuo cold” wrote: local different, he Shuo winter.Drift makes a boat difficult to move.Cone not into the ground, 蘴藾 profound.When water runs dry, ice is firm.The hermit is poor, brave man light non.Heart often sigh resentment, qi more sad.Fortunately, the song to chant.This is a poem describing the natural landscape and local customs of the Yellow River basin in the north.Heshuo, which refers to the area north of the Yellow River, is roughly equivalent to today’s Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region — the area where the Winter Olympics were held.In the middle of winter, it was not cold enough: rivers twig with ice, making it difficult to move.”Cone not into the ground, 蘴藾 profound”, the earth is a block of ice dunes, awls can not plug in;”Water does not flow, ice firm dancing”, the Yellow River on the knot of a thick layer of ice, hard to the above can be trampled at will, of course, you can also come to an unrestrained speed skating, or a dazzling figure skating?Time came to the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai wrote in the famous “Difficult Journey” : golden bottles of sake bucket ten thousand, jade plate treasure shame straight ten thousand money.Stop cup cast zhu can’t eat, draw sword four gu Heart at a loss.To cross the Yellow River ice jam sichuan, will ascend taihang snow full mountain.Idle fishing on the blue stream, suddenly take a boat dream day side.The road is difficult, the road is difficult, there are many different roads, where are you today?Long wind and waves will sometimes, straight sail to the sea.”To cross the Yellow River ice blocked sichuan, will climb taihang snow full mountain”, the ice of the Yellow River, taihang snow, is the most spectacular northern winter scenery!In the cold winter, the river does not surge up and down. Even in places like Hukou Waterfall, where the water runs straight down, a lot of water seems to be frozen in a moment, and the ice hang still retains its once turbulent appearance.Wei Taihang, from north to south longitudinal eight hundred li, also had chunhua brilliant, also had summer wood fan Yin, also had layers of dye, and now, overlapping hills one night hoary head.Southern “ice dun dun”, reiki!If the northern “ice dun dun” is characterized by spectacular atmosphere, then the southern “ice Dun dun” is characterized by aura.Winter in southern China, although cold and wet, is not as cold as that in the north, and the occasional snow and ice can be particularly exciting.Fan Chengda, a famous poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, returned to his hometown of Suzhou in his later years and wrote a series of 60 pieces titled “Four Seasons in the Countryside”, describing the four seasons in the southern countryside.In the “winter garden miscellaneous xing”, there is such a: put the boat to see the snow mountains clear, the wind will be more cold late coagulation.Sit and listen to a pole beads jade, I do not know the lake has become ice!This poem describes the scene of the poet taking a boat trip to Taihu Lake in winter.It had just snowed and was wrapped in silver.After the snow, the air was clear, and there was a chill.One day, I saw the red sun sinking in the west and a plain moon hanging on the horizon.Little by little the wind up, I saw a little spark flickering, feeling cold gradually.In the middle of the night, sleeping in the cabin of fan Chengda, I do not know whether it was cold to wake up, or what sound woke up, only hear the “chirp” sound, clear and crisp.Clothes to the bow of a look, I saw the boatman waving bamboo pole, broken jade like ice splashes up.The boatman said, “It’s so cold at night that the lake is frozen!If you don’t knock, the boat will freeze up.Freeze the boat when no one’s looking?Oh, so you are so naughty “ice dun dun”!Let’s look at another poem of a poet in the Southern Song Dynasty: A child making ice, Yang Wanli in the Song Dynasty, a child taking off ice at dawn, and wearing colorful silk as a silver jing.Knock into jade qing wear Lin ring, suddenly make glass broken ground sound.Children playing ice, which is more lively and lovely.In the middle of winter, the washbasin was left out of the house for a night. The water in the basin turned into ice. The children put it through with silk thread and tapped it, making a sound like a bell.Is not happy, suddenly a miss, ice fell to the ground, “hua” broken into glass slag……In ancient Chinese poetry, there is also “curling”. Next, let’s talk about an object related to ice — curling.Some people would say that curling originated as an ice and snow sport in the West.Why did ancient China also have curling?Indeed, curling also existed in ancient China.The difference is that western curling is a prop for ice and snow sports, while ancient Chinese curling is a container that can hold ice, water and wine.In the same way, both Western and Chinese curling are made of rock: the most authentic competitive stones are said to be chiseled from Scottish granite, which does not contain mica.And ancient Chinese curling is carved from fine white jade.The most famous poem about ancient Chinese curling comes from wang Changling, a poet from the Tang Dynasty, in the poem “The Furong Building sends Xin Jian to Xin Jian” : “Friends and relatives in Luoyang ask each other, and a piece of ice heart lies in the jade pot.”Ice and jade are really temperamental things.Wang Bingyu, the former captain of the Chinese women’s curling team, is a perfect match for her name and sport.In fact, in ancient times, there were people who specially wrote poems to sing about curling: Jade ice/Ode to curling tang Licheng carved jade is only strong, and the pot body is more round.With an open mind, should be affected by cold spring.Warm and embellish endowment day quality, qing zhen intrinsic nature.Sun melt light scattered, snow shine color more than fresh.To mirror gong ning zai, selfless according to do.Ming paired the water mirrors with the white and powder quarters.Kiss the end for the United States, with stop to see.Don’t let yourself get tired.You see this curling, it is really beautiful: “cut jade is only strong, into the pot body more round”, carved white jade, elegant and smooth shape;”Wen Run endowment nature, qing zhen nature”, people say “wen run as jade”, and this wen run comes from natural fate;”Day melt light scattered, snow shine color more than fresh”, sunlight thoroughly, bright as snow;”Kiss the end for the United States, with the pass”, so good curling ah, I love, wipe and wipe, wipe and wipe – see here, do you have the association, the winter Olympics curling competition, athletes around the ice repeatedly wipe appearance?