How to evaluate yu-Gi-oh! March 2012 chart?

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In this card table permanent arty is limited to 1, trident dragon is banned.Dimly can feel in that era, the card guys for “eternal fire three-fork” cutting fear.By looking at the forbidden cards of the past, we can now get a sense of the long-lost but amazing card tactics of the past.This is one of the reasons why I suddenly began to collect forbidden card tables.This card is valid from 0:00 on March 1, 2012 to 0:00 on September 1, 2012.Prohibited card: (change) unlimited = “prohibited unlimited =” prohibited limit card = “prohibited limit card =” prohibited limit card = “prohibited limit card: (change) unlimited =” limit unlimited = “limit quasi limit:(change) limit = “quasi limitations to limit =” quasi limit = “quasi restrictions limit =” quasi limitations to limit = “quasi limit =” quasi restrictions limit = “quasi unlimited =” quasi limit lifted restrictions: (changes) must limit = “unlimited essay: from the bulb, the steamed stuffed bun, 3 x, commandos have been banned and restrictions, it can be seen in suppression of homology is K club policy at that time.You wouldn’t know it from the chart, but the super card had been out for a few issues.Because the homology was now in its final glory, suppressing the black card’s ability to perform in the arena, korder made these adjustments.Like the beetle machine and clockwork card group, which had begun to emerge at that time, the K club did not move. This comparison is obvious that the homology is suppressed.Another reason why raiders were restricted was that the popular “TG” card group was a perfect competitive card group similar to today’s “Iron Beast”, and there were a lot of players, so Erth was also limited to 1.Three X and eternal artillery need not say more, infinite 3X infinite whittle too BUG.The chute is because if drawn in the first round, the opponent loses a card first.And when the clockwork hunter cut hand playing has also had an embryonic form, chute with a clockwork cut hand with now longhui qiao the same top.