How to distinguish a “good phone” from a “bad phone”?It’s really simple. Just look at these three things

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What separates a good phone from a bad one?In fact, the two key points are very simple. When you buy a mobile phone, you are often afraid to step on the pit. You are afraid to buy a bad mobile phone, so there are good and bad mobile phones in the mobile phone market, and the price of the current mobile phone is basically high.Let’s talk about the differences today.In fact, the core of a mobile phone is CPU and GPU. A good mobile phone may not carry the best processor, and a good chip processor may not all be applied to the flagship phone, which is not so absolute.For example, the previous Apple A series, Huawei kirin 9000 flagship processors are easier to use, but there are still many mid-end chip processors, such as Breguet 1100, Snapdragon 8 and so on.Although not absolutely but the distribution of the mobile phone market is very even, a good flagship mobile phone, mobile phone parameters must not be bad!Second: the use of experience experience parameters is the most important point is also the first, but in addition to the parameters now pay more attention to the experience of buying a mobile phone, a good experience can instantly make a mobile phone bonus.For example, MOTOROLA X30 and Mi 12 are also equipped with Snapdragon 8Gen1, but the user experience is too poor.The samsungs21 Ultra and Redmi Note11 Pro have the same 100 million pixels.There are many Android and Apple phones with the same configuration, and Apple is better than apple in terms of experience experience. Therefore, experience experience is a more important part. When you buy a mobile phone, you must first go to the experience store to try it.In general: the difference between “good phone” and “bad phone” is very big, which is also a very key two points, of course, there are also some factors will affect everyone to judge the quality of the phone, such as system, after-sales and so on, according to their own needs to choose out of the phone is a good phone!