Hot-blooded teenager Alcalas eliminated the defending champion, career first into the Masters final

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There is no shortage of young talents at the ATP, and 18-year-old Alcaras is one of them.His style of play, running ability, fighting and agility made him a player to watch on the field.He is now repeatedly set a variety of youngest records, let a person optimistic about his future.Spain star in the North American sunshine doubles performance is very eye-catching.Alcalas, 18, reached his first Career Masters final with Rood after beating defending champion Tomas Hurkac 7-6(5) 7-6(2) in a double tiebreak in the semifinals.1 Zhang Depei: 1990 Toronto Masters champion, 18 years, 157 days 2 Nadal: 2005 Miami Masters runner-up, 18 years, 304 days 3 Nadal:2005 Monte Carlo Masters champion, 18 years, 318 days 4 Gasquet: 2005 Hamburg Masters runner-up, 18 years, 331 days 5 Alcalas: Miami masters 2022 (champion?Runner-up?Nadal, 18 years 333 days 6 Nadal: 2005 Rome Masters champion, 18 years 339 days Alcaras is able to stand alongside the greats of the past to prove he is exceptional.At the Indian Wells Masters, Alcalas fought the giant Nadal in three sets, but the dedicated Nadal refused to make a star, preventing him from further progress.Now in Miami, he beat fujovic, cilic, sitsipas, katzmanovic and hurkac to qualify for the ATP1000 masters final.The world no. 8 rood beat rakosonan, brilik, norrie, zverev and serendido to also reach the ATP1000 masters for the first time and deserves applause for his effort.But alcaras is widely expected to win the Miami Masters because of his superior ability.This season’s Miami Masters final could go one of two ways: Alcalas could beat Novak Djokovic’s record (djokovic became the youngest Miami Masters champion at 19 in 2007);A victory for Rood would make him the 20th active Masters champion.Alcarras are in desperate need of a senior title to prove themselves. Can he do it?Compatriot Nadal’s overall record in Miami finals: 0-8.Will Alcaras become the first Spaniard to conquer the Miami Masters?Then wait for the final.(Credit: Home of Tennis by Stray Rabbit)