Dynamic convenience King Versa is selling 10 thousand yuan discount

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Dongfeng Nissan New Year of the Tiger strong attack!Welcome spring meet fu Hu force full open!Buy a car 0 down payment, the new car easily drive home, all the current car, limited to great benefits.1. Arrival gift: Customers can receive a New Year gift when they arrive at the store.2, red envelope gift: prepaid 1000 yuan to get up to 3500 yuan insurance vouchers.3, explore the gift: buy a new generation of Qi Jun can be given boutique gift package.4, worry-free gift: 5 years of 10 maintenance / 150,000km warranty, 5 years of car free.5, financial gift: 0 down payment low monthly mortgage, a variety of financial options, easy to buy a car without pressure.6, replacement gift: professional free evaluation, old car replacement to enjoy 19000 yuan.7, the new gift: two years xuan Yi free open “0 depreciation” for teana.Golden egg gift: to the store to order customers can hit golden eggs, luxury appliances you take.Enjoy the special service to stay online, let you use the car without worry, save money and worry!Dongfeng Nissan many models of cars enjoy a limited time special price, more welcome to call/shop consultation, the shop one to one professional service, let you worry free car, save money and worry!Navigation: No. 281, Zone B, Longsheng New Village, Bulong Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen.Promotion time from 02/06, 2022 to 02/07, 2022 TIIDA latest quoted models manufacturer’s guidance price/subsidy price preferential rangeCVT Cool motion version 113,900 yuan 10,900 yuan 10,900 yuan 1.6L CVT Smart line version 123,900 yuan 10,900 yuan 1.6L CVT smart Zun version 135,900 yuan 10,900 yuan 125,900 yuan