Children’s Intervention: Understanding the daily generalization of autistic children’s cognition and skills from four aspects

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Due to the rigidity characteristics of autism, in the process of children’s education and intervention, don’t change the inherent mode of education and intervention, the child will easily into a very specific or particular form and not easy to change, such as children at home is not completed a good skills learned in the institutions, to recognize the purple grapes, but saw the green but don’t know, and so on.Generalization can help children improve this problem.Content generalization 01 when parents teach their children or children in institutions know something or knowledge, parents can in order to solve this thing or with children in the life of generalization knowledge points, help children to understand the things associated with the object or knowledge, or knowledge, so as to expand children’s knowledge, improve the child’s thinking ability.For example, if the child knows apples, parents can buy different apples or take the child to the fruit store to help the child know what color apples are, what taste apples are like, where apples grow and so on.Parents can take their children to the cup section of the shopping mall on the way home to let them know about cups of different shapes, colors and sizes, and then show them the uses of cups after they get home.Textbook generalization 02 now for autistic children education, and intervention was not unified teaching materials, teaching AIDS, when parents teach their children or children studying in institutions, although all is according to the teaching content, in view of the child’s cognitive characteristic and prepare materials or AIDS, but still need to pay attention to the diversification of teaching materials, teaching AIDS, avoid the long-term use of one kind of teaching materials, teaching AIDS,Otherwise the child will also be trapped in a very specific or specific form.For example, if the child knows elephants with pictures, then in the process of consolidation and generalization, the child can take the child to the zoo to see real elephants, watch movies about elephants and take the child to see models of elephants, etc., or the child knows bananas.In the subsequent teaching, we can help children to consolidate and generalize through pictures of bananas, models of bananas, real bananas, picture books and videos with bananas, so that children can truly understand bananas.Scene generalization 03 The implementation of site generalization simply means changing the scene/environment in which children study or practice from time to time.Don’t always take your child to do the same exercises in the same scene/environment.For example, if a child learns a skill in an institution, then parents can take the child to more scenarios/environments where the skill can be applied during subsequent interventions.Or when you teach your child something at home, you can teach your child in a fixed teaching room, living room, child’s room, and child’s play area.In the process of children’s education and intervention, it is not difficult for parents to observe carefully that some children will only listen to and react to the words of a certain parent or rehabilitation teacher in daily life, but still ignore or react slowly to the words of others.In order to avoid or improve this situation, it is necessary to pay attention to the generalization of personnel in the process of children’s education and intervention.For example, try to strive for more parents and friends to join in the education and intervention of children, increase the contact between children and other parents, such as mother to pick up children home, father to take children to study, let grandparents take children out to play on weekends, parents take children to visit friends when they have time and so on.Generalization is a very important step in the education and intervention of autistic children. It refers to the process of training children to use the same cognitive skills with different people, different things and in different scenes/environments.Parents can refer to the above four areas as appropriate.# Autism #