Beijing firefighters rescue woman after cold weather

2022-08-05 0 By

At 7:54 on February 7, Beijing Shijingshan District fire rescue detachment Badachu fire rescue station received a report, said that liu Niangfu Road and Yongyinqu south road intersection, a woman fell into the diversion channel, may be in danger of life, after receiving the alarm badachu fire rescue station immediately dispatched two vehicles 12 people to the scene.After the fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, they found that the woman was located in the water about 10 meters away from the shore. The weather was cold and the river water was biting. Although the river water did not look deep, the woman’s body was frozen stiff, and the temperature was in danger of life at any time, and the situation was very urgent.According to the situation on the scene, the commander will formulate rescue plans in the first time and carry out rescue work.A fire and rescue worker wearing protective equipment entered the water to carry out the rescue, and the fire and rescue workers on the shore did a good job to protect the accident. Two minutes later, the woman was rescued to the shore.On shore, the woman was found frozen and conscious, Shouting, “Leave me alone, I don’t want to live.”The fire and rescue personnel hurriedly took off their combat uniforms and put on warm clothes for them. After 120 emergency personnel arrived and confirmed that there was no danger at the scene, the fire and rescue personnel handed over and returned.Here, shijingshan district fire rescue detachment to remind the general public, cold weather near the lake, river and other waters, should keep a safe distance, improve the awareness of drowning, prevent accidents.