Yang Ma this “good” landing!A shares ushered in A turning point, next week or will go like this?

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Grail retrospective review this week, this week the market jump empty low open 11 points, opened at 3452 points, the week take a see down 3429 points after the shock, slow recovery and attack on Friday’s apparent trend, finally closed at 3491 points, weekly leave high to go accept a low, entity 39 points, rising $28 points, or 0.8% reduction baldheaded small a surname, short long resisted a fight;Chinext gained 80 points or 2.93% in the week after hitting a new low.On the disk, the new energy vehicle plate hit a new low after the rebound, Ningde times, Ganfeng lithium, Tianqi lithium and other obvious growth, infrastructure, building materials plate continued to attack, Zhejiang Construction investment, Tengda Construction, Hanjian Heshan, Ningbo Construction industry continued to rise;Monster nine medical, yaben chemical and other continue to rage.From this week’s trend, the market is running in line with expectations, but due to the weakness of the US stock market fell, affecting the trend of the big financial sector, resulting in this week’s close failed to stand on the 3500 mark, slightly weaker than expected.”East and West calculation” by the high-level positioning and “west-east gas transmission”, “south-north water diversion” a level of super engineering, the next few years of annual investment hundreds of billions, become one of the driving force of the economy, the country so attention, the stock market is bound to a big hype.Cloud computing, data center, although not a new theme, but the advantage is low location, plate big, can undertake big capital speculation.A shares now need to make money, A main line of new energy is not enough, two legs walk more stable.This year the digital economy has been all about hype, first digital currencies, then data centres.IT equipment cloud computing plate quiet for two years, this year is expected to usher in valuation repair market.On the whole, from the industrial chain point of view, this calculation of the east and the West will promote the development of some regions in the west. In a simple word, it is to put the amount of computer calculation in the west and send the results back.February review for February market judgment, my basic view is “gold rush”, the current market adjustment has been low enough, opportunities everywhere.The author successfully grasp the Hengbao shares (002104), Jincai Internet (002530), are to get doubled out, in February is also successful latent golden seed wine (600199), Saddle heavy shares (002667), are solid meat, but also the fans of the author’s trust, the follow-up will continue to layout a strong line!Strong Central Line (XXX) 600, this price has appeared, at present is the results of the author from the nearly thousand enterprise from selection, belong to the top of the market at present, the serious super fell rebound, as well as low price, market outlook will soon celebrate tuyere, lurking in next week, with my friends, can the private – I: to play “line” is good!At the same time, near the march meeting, to grasp the market opportunity before the meeting.The important meeting in March, the signals are also released, including infrastructure, new infrastructure, smart grid stocks, I think is the market this year’s opportunity for certainty.Next week three big conjecture conjecture 1: suppression after Yang, long recover 3500 points show muscles?Reason:Now technical date line gradually into the long pattern, although outside the stock market is still covered with dark clouds, but the big a-shares will “give priority to with me,” in line 5, 10, sustained upward, the market will shock uplink recovered 3500 mark and 30 line, line gradually to 60 days, and then receive A line A surname, along with the market rise, need appropriate filling amount next week,Otherwise it will breed diurnal level adjustment pressure.Guess 2: price rises drive, cement plate or continue to stage the spring offensive?Reason:For cyclical stocks, price rises will always be the best theme, with the continued resumption of engineering projects (as of 17, the national site resumption 51%, 27.3% higher than last week, is expected to rise to 68% next week), cement demand will increase rapidly, price rises will continue,Business club statistics first weeks during the Spring Festival cement price from 510 yuan/tons up to 520 yuan/ton, further upward this week to 533 yuan/ton, next week’s big probability of up to 560 yuan of above, the superposition of the current coal price check up back (steam coal prices from the first 1167 yuan/ton downward to the current 0005 yuan/ton), cement enterprise profitability quickly.From the technical side, jumped 9.07% in the last week, on the basis of cement plate again this week rose 4.55%, hitting a record high since September 2020, and the liberation of all hold up dish, attack on technical formed a strong trend, next week is expected to have a rapid development, closely observe the weight of conch cement, tianshan shares, such as direction, to judge the whole plate movements.Guess 3: reasonable round, infrastructure stocks are expected to gradually strengthen next week?Reason:- the winter is coming to an end, the realization of a quarter in the first quarter of a good beginning, will become the most important thing the present early fall quasi, a cut after combination type, a new round of drop rate cut has been on the road, special bond issuance measures, the central and provincial old village transformation, PengGai special fund will be in place, the recent construction of zhejiang, ningbo construction, tengda construction such as small capital stocks soared,Next week, China Power Construction, China Railway, China Construction and other market infrastructure stocks are expected to compensate.# A-Shares # For more highlights, follow Kaka on stocks