Volunteers for the Beijing Winter Olympics can receive 24-hour psychological support in four ways

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More than 1,900 university volunteers for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Yanqing have moved into the volunteer home in Yanqing on January 28.In order to ensure the Beijing Olympics and winter paralympic games volunteers to show China’s business card, tells the story of China, Chinese culture, show the youth style, Beijing pku as a whole the Beijing youth stress management service center, Beijing youth law and social psychological counseling center, Beijing service promotion center, home of yanqing district warm heart firm professional bodies such as psychology, social workCarry out psychological services for volunteers of Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Yanqing Area of Beijing Winter Olympics.In view of the psychological problems that winter Olympics volunteers and resident teachers may encounter during their volunteer service, the team of psychological experts compiled the psychological Service Manual for Beijing Winter Olympics Volunteers in Yanqing Area and the Psychological Service Manual for Beijing Winter Olympics Volunteers in Yanqing Area.On the one hand, it helps resident teachers to fully master the theoretical principles, technical points, operational processes and methods of psychological work.On the other hand, through daily psychological adjustment, positive attitude, effective communication, emotional management, team building, coping with challenges, six sections, a total of 20 topics of psychological knowledge and coping methods, communication channels, to do a good job in the psychological security of volunteers.Volunteers and resident teachers can obtain psychological support through the following channels: First, 12355 Youth Service Center: 24 hours can dial 12355-3, through the hotline to communicate with psychological counselors.Second, online message: open wechat small program, search “teenagers 12355”, online message, psychological consultants will answer questions in time.According to statistics, from January 23 to 28, we received a total of 9 cases of psychological counseling from winter Olympics volunteers, including 8 cases from hotline consultation, 1 case from wechat mini program message consultation, categories of psychological stress 3 cases, epidemic related 3 cases, personal growth 2 cases, sleep problems 1 case, all have been answered by consultants.Third, “one-to-one” online psychological consultation: in each volunteer group, a psychological consultant is arranged to accompany everyone. You can make an appointment directly with the psychological consultant in the group or make an appointment through the message of 12355 mini program for teenagers to help solve psychological confusion.Fourth, professional medical institutions winter Olympics security hotline: Huilongguan Hospital: 82951332(Monday to Sunday 24 hours) Beijing Anding Hospital: 58303286/58340263(Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00).At the same time, volunteers and resident teachers can also get psychological counseling services and help through resident psychological counseling, school psychological counseling and happy heart Association platform.Each building in the station has a spiritual station, provided by professional psychological counseling services.In addition, Beijing Youth Daily reporters learned that colleges and universities have also provided characteristic psychological education courses for school volunteers through various channels to play the role of their own psychological counseling team.Source: Beijing Youth Daily