“The world” Zhou Bingyi hidden pain was found, Zhou Bingkun suggested brother divorce

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“The world” Zhou Bingyi hidden pain was found, Zhou Bingkun suggested brother unfilial divorce has three no after as big, zhou’s three children seem to have a good sense of self marriage, but each has their own difficulties.Rong-sheng zhou a daughter, and for weeks, this is a granddaughter, her name is zhou, for older people, always feel a bit of a gap, Zhou Bingkun have a son, zhou family thought this is Zhou Bingkun own son, only Zhou Fu know in my heart, the blood of the children’s family name is zhou, especially when the New Year also heard some gossip about the child,Zhou Fu felt even worse.Although Zheng Juan was pregnant again, but Zhou Fu still hope Zhou Bingyi can have a child, in their ideas, the eldest son, it seems to indicate the family’s success.During the festival, not married and they were afraid of home old man urge marriage, married again afraid old man drives to have children in the home, have a daughter also want to have a boy, this is an era in which the Chinese New Year the most cliche topic, and the topic is enduring, although opposite boy or a girl has a new cognition, but to urge marriage, gave rise to the child’s topic never decrease.Therefore, Zhou Bingyi gave birth to the child this matter has become the focus of the two families most concerned, Zhou Bingkun knew hao Dongmei body problems, a winter water when accidentally injured, resulting in her and Zhou Bingyi married has no children.Hao Dongmei’s parents first knew this thing, especially Hao Dongmei’s father knew that his daughter has not been pregnant, he seems to have infinite guilt for Zhou Bingyi, to know that his daughter can not be pregnant, he should help Zhou Bingyi do some things at home.In the heart of Zhou Fu, Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong are very to their own face, Zhou Rong is married out of the people, also can count half a week home, Zhou Fu zhou Bingyi with infinite hope, the only not satisfied is no child, this also became a heart of Zhou Fu.In traditional families, the male son, especially the eldest son, seems to shoulder the heavy responsibility of carrying on the family line. Many families cannot escape from this ideological circle, but the reason is that few people learn to resist.Ping-i Chou had long wanted to good countermeasure, if has been asking why have no children, that they said their infertility, so it can reduce the harm of dong-mei hao, after all, in this age at that time, a woman can’t have children, also suffered a lot of doubt and speculation, on the contrary, if a man can’t have children, as if will reduce people’s discussion.Hao Dongmei cannot give birth to a child is zhou Bingyi’s hidden pain from beginning to end, he for love, also gave up parents to their expectations and the right to become a father.Zhou Bingkun and Zhou Bingyi fought Zhou Bingkun although not read a few years, but some of the worldly wisdom or see in the eyes, Hao Dongmei’s parents have not come home to visit, Zhou Bingyi also don’t let zhou family to visit Hao Dongmei’s parents, where is the in-laws, this is clearly a stranger.In the eyes of Hao Dongmei’s parents, if the daughter’s parents-in-law are more capable than they are, they would have gone to visit, do not visit Zhou Bingyi’s parents, is afraid of zhou family trouble them to do something against their hearts.On the other hand, if Hao Dongmei married to a more powerful family, that family would also avoid Hao Dongmei’s parents. Then Hao Dongmei’s parents would be in the position of zhou’s parents, and their daughter would still be happy?Hao Dongmei’s parents are measured by oneself zhou Fu has different expectations for the two sons, especially the eldest son Zhou Bingyi, so in visiting relatives and friends and words are intentionally mentioned zhou Bingyi, under such words, Zhou Bingkun which can not hear it, he can complain.Zhou Bingkun knew the elder brother Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei’s pain, but from his father’s mouth always heard praise brother’s voice, in front of outsiders, especially Hao Dongmei’s parents have also been to treat them week home, Zhou Bingkun heart can not help thinking.Zhou bingkun is not so literary about love, so he does not understand the feelings between Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei. He seems to feel a gap, thinking that his brother is corroded by material, and the purpose of marrying Hao Dongmei is to climb the social hierarchy.Zhou Bingkun’s brother Cao Debao did not get married when there is a dream, he wants to marry a fallen phoenix, after the rehabilitation can fly, in the eyes of Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Bingyi became such a person.Zhou Bingyi was Zhou Bingkun this idea of gas, very angry began to play Zhou Bingkun, May be Zhou Bingkun said wrong, but still said to Zhou Bingyi’s soft side.Whether intentional or not, these words of Zhou Bingkun is suggesting ping-i Chou, divorce in Zhou Bingkun head, did not understand ping-i Chou: why do you want to marry a woman not a child, as he had two children later, this idea also into dead circulation, did his brother really became a little?What did it mean in those days that women couldn’t have children?Is it true that Zhou Bingyi married Hao Dongmei without a little selfishness?How real is the TV show “The World”