Star nuclear power ET-I full engine super hybrid first model open for presale, star road chase WIND ET-I 150,000 yuan

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January 20, “star nuclear power ET-I full engine super mix” power structure of the first model – Star TUchifeng ET-I officially opened the presale, the new car launched royal fashion, wind up two versions, the presale price is 150,000 yuan – 160,000 yuan.As the first model of Xingtu entering the new energy market, Xingtu Chefeng ET-I inherits xingtu’s consistent technological advantages and comprehensively leads the same level.Among them, the standard pure electric range of the new car is 105km, and the comprehensive range is more than 1000km.The comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology under NEDC condition is 1L/100km, and feed fuel consumption is 4.8L/100km.In terms of power, the maximum input power of STAR Chase ET-I is 240kW, the peak torque reaches an amazing 510N·m, and the acceleration performance of 0-100km is 6.8s, giving perfect consideration to both performance and economy.In the pre-sale stage, users can enjoy quadruple car purchase and triple car gift for any model of “Chifeng ET-I” booked.Quadruple car purchase courtesy (finance/replacement/additional purchase subsidy 1 of 3 options) : Financial courtesy — individual loan subsidy of 8000 yuan;Replacement courtesy — replacement subsidy of 5000 YUAN;Additional purchase courtesy — additional purchase subsidy of 3000 yuan;Boutique courtesy — free 3M model, sports sidestep worth 3699 yuan (order only for e-commerce).Triple car gift: quality preservation (non-operation of the first owner) — 6 years or 150,000 kilometers of vehicle warranty, three-power system lifetime warranty, engine lifetime warranty;Flow free – the first owner of the basic flow free for life;Transaction enjoy – free charging pile.On January 7th, with the official release of “Star nuclear power ET-I full engine super hybrid” power architecture technology, Star Road brand officially entered the field of new energy.As one of the key projects of “New energy Vehicles” in the national key RESEARCH and development plan of the 13th Five-Year Plan, this technology has created a new path of China’s hybrid power research and development with completely independent intellectual property rights.In the power structure of “Star NUCLEAR power ET-I all-engine super hybrid”, the 1.5TCI “Strongest China heart” fuel engine is combined with the full-function DHT gearbox, realizing the core technical advantage of “3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes and 11 speeds”, which is the leading technology in the industry.Combined with the intelligent control system and the power structure of high-performance battery pack, its performance has realized the leap from the 1.0 stage to the 2.0 stage of China’s hybrid technology.The STAR TUchaser ET-I model has the industry’s only intelligent combination of three power sources, including intelligent dual motors and 1.5TCI hybrid special four-cylinder turbocharged engine.Intelligent linkage of 3 engines, maximum transfer efficiency over 97.6%, can release 510N·m maximum torque.At the same time, Chaser ET-I has the most three physical gears among the existing hybrid technologies. More gears also determine that the system can deal with more working conditions and has higher efficiency.Zhuifeng ET – I have a single electric motor, double electric motor, engine drive straight and parallel drive, parking charge, vehicle charging of 9 kinds of driving mode, can easily cope with the start, in the low speed, elevated, overtaking, red light, congestion, highway, long distance travel, mountain, high speed turning, ice and snow/mud/sand and other 11 kinds of driving conditions,It covers almost all driving scenarios that users may encounter, including urban commuting, long-distance travel, extreme road conditions and so on.In the “Star nuclear power ET-I full engine super hybrid” power structure of 3 engines, 3 gears, 9 models and 11 speed technology advantages, what will the users of Chasing wind ET-I have intergenerational improvement of driving experience?The first is super power. The PHEV, known for its fuel-efficient label, has been among the performance beasts since the launch of the Star Tuchaser ET-I.The total power of the two-drive version reaches 240kW, the maximum input torque is 510N· m, the maximum wheel torque is more than 4000N·m, and the 100km acceleration is 6.8s, such data and results, should be able to make a number of self-boasted small steel gun models feel ashamed, and the impression of SOFT PHEV models has become history.In particular, the power reserve and acceleration capability at high speeds give the ET-I a generational performance advantage over existing pheVs of the 1.0 era.The second is smoother.This system adopts TSD dual-axis drive technology, and the power shift control is applied in the shift process. There is no power loss, and it is smoother and quieter than the fuel car AT shift.Engine intervention within 2000 RPM can be said to be silent.Even after stepping on the gas pedal hard, the three engines will never be accompanied by a roar of frustration, star trawler et-I smoothness – very electric.As for the PHEV’s expertise in fuel saving and endurance, compared with the 1.0 era models, Star TUchifeng ET-I models, in addition to more reliable and more stable, not blindly pursuing high data, from the actual needs of the user’s design, but also fully reflects the 2.0 era more mature technical thinking, is more reasonable and easy to do.The all-engine superhybrid adopts CRBS energy recovery system, derived from the intelligent electronic braking system of Bosch IPB1.1 platform. The average efficiency of electric drive under NEDC condition is > 90%. The driving range of pure electric drive of standard version can reach 105km, and the comprehensive driving range is more than 1000km.In high speed and long distance use, the long endurance of the three-engine dual motor makes the car owner have no worries at all, because the engine is always in the best condition, the highest transfer efficiency of the system is more than 97.6%.In terms of fuel consumption, the performance of chasing wind is particularly eye-catching. The comprehensive fuel consumption can reach 1L/100km, and the feed fuel consumption can reach 4.8L/100km, so that users can enjoy strong power and long endurance advantages at the same time, but also maintain very low car costs.In addition to super product performance, chaser ET-I pre-sale exposure of product configuration, is also very attractive.On the basis of conventional configuration, the whole system of Chifeng ET-I is equipped with intelligent starscreen panoramic skylight, matrix LED headlights, double 12.3-inch suspended LIQUID crystal display, two-zone automatic air conditioning, N95 antibacterial air conditioning filter, Lion Lion Wisdom cloud 4.0 system, Bosche IPB1.1 intelligent electronic control braking system,In appearance level, comfort, intelligence, safety to give the user the greatest satisfaction, show full of sincerity.In the high configuration version of the wind up version, Chefing ET-I upgraded the induction memory electric tail door, external rearview mirror folding & electric heating, flow light atmosphere lamp, integrated vehicle recorder, AR enhanced live navigation, SONY brand sound, 540° panoramic HD video and other high-end configuration, to meet the further needs of users for comfort and safety.In “star nuclear-powered ET -i complete with super mixed” 3 with 3 block 9 die 11 speed technology advantage, under the support of celebrity zhuifeng ET -i is undoubtedly the most worthy of the current market experience of hybrid vehicles, its melting together zhuifeng models “super YanLi” and “super intelligence”, coupled with the power to bring new DHT experience of surging power, long life and low fuel consumption,So that users can afford to use, save, no concerns, fully meet the user’s imagination for a perfect car.At the same time, this is also the country poured a lot of resources and human resources into the “13th Five-Year” national key RESEARCH and development plan “new energy vehicles” key special bear a fruit with completely independent intellectual property rights.It is reported that chifeng ET-I model will be officially launched after the Spring Festival, let’s wait and see!