Qingdao VR creates “online memorial hall” to realize “cloud worship” anytime and anywhere

2022-08-04 0 By

The original title:In order to inherit and promote the deeds and spirit of the heroes, and create a strong atmosphere of advocating, remembering, learning and defending the heroes in the whole society, according to the Notice of Qingdao Veterans Affairs Bureau on conscientiously organizing and Carrying out the “Online Memorial to the Heroes” in 2022,The Memorial Hall of Qingdao Revolutionary Martyrs launched an “online memorial Hall” in the early days of Qingming Festival in consideration of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control and the emotional needs of citizens remembering the martyrs, so as to realize “cloud worship” anytime and anywhere.According to the introduction, “online memorial hall” rely on the use of VR technology around the museum area for panoramic photography and data processing, restore the original real scene of the museum;At the same time, martyrs memorial facilities in the museum area embedded special commentary, guide the public in the “cloud explanation” under the guidance of the review of that passionate burning years.Citizens can enter the “Online Memorial hall” by logging in to the wechat subscription number of Qingdao Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall and the special visiting path set by “Qingdao Martyrs Website”, and follow the guide cursor on the page to visit the memorial Hall.At present, the “on-line memorial” cover “spirit was” martyr statues and monuments, museum, museum of the war of resistance against Japan, name of the soul of 11 at the museum, you can choose to “a key to visit” and “self-service tour” two modes, click the play button to follow the lens automatic to visit the pavilion, playing can also by clicking on the ground the cursor on the basis of individual need to implement multiple perspectives.At the same time, you can also click the “earphone” design to listen to the explanation, to meet the maximum demand of the visit.In the “Online Memorial hall”, the public can experience the 360-degree immersive visiting experience brought by the full picture and special explanation, and personally feel the heroic martyrs “dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky” fearless responsibility and selfless dedication to live up to the people.(Sea View News/Qingdao Evening News Reporter Zhang Yan correspondent Jiang Mingming)