Long small bumps around the eyes itchy and ugly, experts give you tips

2022-08-04 0 By

Get up early and look in the mirror, found around the eyes covered with white such as sesame seed size of a small knot.If you take it off it will leave a scar, but if you scratch it it will tickle you and it will be very annoying.Some people say these little bumps are fat grains, but they are not.From a medical point of view, it is more likely to be miliary papule or echidoma, two skin diseases with different symptoms.Miliary papules in life are common is that there will be raised small white spots, this small white spots can normally disappear by themselves.Treatment: It is recommended to carry out needle selection after disinfection under the guidance of professional doctors, and apply erythromycin ointment evenly on the affected part of the skin.Common eccrinoma is relatively flat, not easy to pick out something.Treatment: carbon dioxide laser and electric ion knife two kinds of therapy, for the treatment of eccrine tumor is of great benefit.Today on the above topic and everyone to share here.Hope to help you, I wish you a healthy life!