Li Ruotong took a photo with Hu Bing to celebrate his birthday, and the two also showed off a lot of muscles

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Today is February 14, Valentine’s Day, li Ruotong just posted a photo of himself and his best friend Hu Bing, wishing him a happy birthday, but also reminding people of this special holiday, which means to spend time with his lover.Li Ruotong has been single, when the little dragon female image can be said to be deeply popular, feel Hu Bing is her Yang Guo.From the photos, we can see that the two also show a wave of muscle, Li Ruotong does not look like a weak woman, arm muscles like bronze, very strong, should be the result of daily exercise.Hu Bing, 51, is also in good shape, with muscular arms and a youthful look.Li Ruotong is his match. Thirty years ago, the young Li Ruotong looked a bit aged. One would expect her to age easily, but the result was the opposite.She was the same now, and there had been no change, not a wrinkle in her face in thirty years.If someone didn’t know her, they wouldn’t believe she was over 50.Is Li Ruotong really learned the xiaolongnu that kind of cultivation method?There is such a thing as eternal youth!It was the 1995 version of The Return of the Condor Heroes that made Li famous. Although this martial arts hero jin Yong has been remade many times, no one can surpass Li’s version so far.Some people think liu Yifei version is better, in fact, Liu Yifei took only later computer stunt mature, and she herself is beautiful enough, on acting and all kinds of plot, than Li Ruotong version of some poor.It’s not Liu Yifei, but Huang Xiaoming, who plays Yang Guo, who can’t compare with Louis Koo.Although Liu Yifei is more beautiful than Li Ruotong, but the acting is Li Ruotong better, she played xiaolongnv until now have a lot of people repeatedly watch, overall, 95 version of the Return of the Condor Heroes is still not beyond, time is the best proof.Those past years said much useless, now Li Ruotong did not regard himself as xiaolongnu, she and Hu Bing interaction in the comments area is very friendly, Hu Bing even called her name in the play, not Xiaolongnu, but he and Li Ruotong once worked together in a play, called “Fate come family”.The TV series has also passed 22 years, I believe That Li Ruotong is more willing to do the play’s heroine, because Hu Bing is always accompany her.At the beginning of the two people is because of filming this play to know each other, friendship can last so long is very rare!Two people interaction is also very tacit understanding, Li Ruotong in today’s hair this group photo for Hu Bing to celebrate his birthday, what does it mean?Did he admit that Hu Bing was her lover?They are both in their fifties. The scandal is nothing, and Li ruotong never worries about being affected by it.To be honest, she is more like xiaolongnu, otherwise, she might have married and had children in the hot discussion of others.Li Ruotong mouth although not broken, but feel she care about today this Valentine’s Day.She and Hu Bing are like to do sports, often go to the gym training, no wonder can show a wave of muscle.Li Ruotong once retired for a long time, but these two years again active, last year also shot a few dramas, because she is old, can only play some supporting roles, lost the identity of the big heroine.But it didn’t matter. She had long since forgotten all that and was more interested in having fun and interacting with good friends.Do you think Li Ruotong and Hu Bing match well?Over the years, Li Ruotong has never been in a hurry in her love life, but her unhurried temper has caused time to pass quickly by her.She is not old, unfortunately, that year with her friends are mostly old, can not find which like Hu Bing, do not show old friends.It should be noted that Louis koo now looks much older than Li, and he looked younger when they starred in the Return of the Condor Heroes.Who knows, Li Ruotong in the past nearly 30 years, the appearance is still the same.Although many female stars maintain their body, few of them are like Li Ruotong, who can look like a girl in her fifties without makeup.