Lakers’ shelving of Westbrook has sparked debate. What should westbrook do?Antetokounmpo beats Lebron at this stage

2022-08-04 0 By

The lakers’ home loss to the Milwaukee Bucks wasn’t a surprise, and westbrook himself had some issues with vogel’s decision to leave westbrook at the end of the game.Even so, SHAquille O ‘Neal revealed that the lakers are still picking their first-round opponent, saying they would rather play phoenix than Golden State, which is not quite what the lakers are doing.After the game, Westbrook spoke to reporters.A reporter asked Westbrook what metrics he needed to achieve to make the team’s final team.Russ replied, “Man, I can’t answer that.To be honest, I shouldn’t have to hit any targets.I’ve put in a lot of training, I’ve got a lot of respect in the league.Or maybe I shouldn’t have to hit a target.I’ve earned the right to be on the closing team.The numbers tell you why.I don’t have to explain that.”Westbrook’s answer was clear: he’s a star in the league, has dignity and needs to be respected, and he’s worked out hard. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t get the respect he deserves with the Lakers when it comes down to it.The bucks, on the other hand, are in second place in the Eastern Conference under giannis antetokounmpo so far this season, and the biggest credit goes to giannis antetokounmpo for getting the team back on track, and he’s still evolving and improving.Now the word mother brother mono with the team has proved that can win, and personal ability is beyond doubt, now he has won the stage of James!So the question is, right?Should vogel or Westbrook be the scapegoat for the lakers?