Huiquan Beer: no new production base at present

2022-08-04 0 By

Beijing News – On February 15, investors asked Huiquan beer on the investor interactive platform whether it has plans to build a new production base in Shandong province?Huiquan replied, “Up to now, the company has no new production base matters, there is no should be disclosed but not disclosed matters.”In addition, Huiquan beer said that at present, the company pays more attention to effectively use the existing base, produce and create consumer favorite products, continue to expand market sales, and create a well-known national brand with obvious competitive advantages in the southeast coastal area.Huiquan beer replied, “Up to now, the company has no new production base matters.”Another investor asked Huiquan beer, “Under the trusteeship agreement with Yanjing, whether the Yanjing beer products sold by your company are produced by your company and use the brand of Yanjing;Or does Yanjing produce it itself and your company sell it for you?”Huiquan replied that the sales of Yanjing beer in Fujian are managed by the company, and the products sold are mainly produced by the company, with a small part allocated for sale.By the end of Feb. 15, Huiquan’s share price was 9.1 yuan, up 1% on the day, with a total market value of 2.275 billion yuan.Editor Zheng Mingzhu proofread guo Li picture Oriental Fortune App screenshot