Xi ‘an guy for the rice cooker was cheated 525,000 yuan no money customer service to let the net loan

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Xi ‘an boy Hui Wu (alias) received a text message on his mobile phone, said that he received the number of express delivery, can receive a rice cooker for free, directed at the rice cooker, but did not expect to be guided by the other party to cheat away more than 525,000 yuan.He said it was up to the police to recover the money, but he wanted to speak out about being cheated and warn everyone not to be cheated like him.Message notice can get the rice cooker ready to receive but let do the task and return money Hui Wu lives in the north of Xi ‘an city.On the morning of January 6, he received a text message that said, “At the beginning of the message, I have received more than 20 pieces of mail this year, add the wechat number to send a rice cooker.”Mr. Hui said it was common for companies to give gifts at the end of the year, so he added his wechat number without much suspicion.”After adding wechat, the other party said that to get the cooker, you need to download an App called Emmett and do three tasks in it to get the cooker.”Hui Wu told Huashang Daily that at first, the customer service led Him to follow the public account and register his personal information, saying that he could get 16.80 yuan and the delivery number of the rice cooker as a gift.In emmett App, he was asked to add the official customer service. The customer service informed Hui Wu that he had registered successfully and asked him to complete some tasks while waiting for the delivery.10 orders a day, completion of the task will be rewarded with a red envelope.”I have a try attitude, choose 50 yuan, according to his operation, really give me back 66.8, that is, this single I earned 16.8 yuan.Then the customer service pulled me into a group and said there were new tasks that would be released and the revenue would be higher.”Hui Wu said that in the new group, he tried the minimum amount of the task, and chose 388 yuan. “The so-called task is to click on the Internet according to the requirements of the other party, and as expected it shows that 504 yuan can be withdrawn. So far, I have more trust them.In the group, I think there are 28,888 yuan selected, and successfully received 38,998 yuan, there are many people in the group are scrambling to do the task.”Task finished cash was required to pay all kinds of name cost Hui Five said, at that time also regret that the front did not seize the opportunity, but not after a while, customer service and sent a single big task, he is really impatient to choose the task of 20,000, according to their operation of the remittance.Hui Wu realized that she had been cheated two days later because she could not bring it up.Screenshots of various chats provided to huashang Daily show that the other person specifically stated that he could not use wechat, Alipay and other software to transfer money, and asked him to transfer it to his personal bank card.Hui-wu was tricked into transferring a total of 10 bills, which were linked together.After the first operation was successful, the customer service told him that he had made money, saying that he had been selected as a “high-yield” user and needed to complete the next 18,888 yuan order, or the principal would be lost.He also told him that he could withdraw the cash after completing the 18,888 yuan task.Hui Wu said he had no money at the time and had to borrow 18,888 yuan to withdraw cash.After completion, the customer service also said that to complete the task of 38888 yuan can be withdrawn.Induced by the other side, he transferred 38,888 yuan.After the result is completed, say to still have a single, want to transfer 88888 yuan, ability withdraw cash.”I’ve invested so much, and I’m not willing to give up, so I just keep borrowing and transferring money.”Hui Wu said that after the completion of this time, the customer service finally said it was ok to withdraw cash, and asked him to add finance as a friend. The finance said that a 20% tax of 80,677 yuan was required for withdrawal. In order to withdraw cash, he borrowed 80,677 yuan.Finally can withdraw cash, the other party said that this is the first large withdrawal, need traffic handling fee 121015 yuan.”At this time, some people in the group had successfully withdrawn cash, and some said they had paid the passage fee before.”Seeing that others were asked the same, Hui Wu believed it and continued to borrow money to pay the passage fee.Two days was cheated more than 525,000 yuan no money customer service let the network loan let Hui Wu unexpectedly is, from doing the task to withdraw cash, two days passed, the money still can not come out, the more the more, after withdrawal and said that failure, need to pay more than 157,300 yuan……Running out of money, the financial staff asked him to borrow money from the online loan platform. After he borrowed the money this time, he transferred it four times.Naive hui five thought that this is the end, but there are new problems, he needs to complete a single 68888 task.Hui said five, he checked the transfer record, a total of more than 525000 yuan were to transfer to the other party, which is borrowed more than $490000, the “basic it is net lending, including China merchants bank, lightning, 200000 loan period, 49800 loan bank of China, bank of China, 66000 loan E borrow 38800, bai bai 52800, millet with star borrowed 25000, 30000, jingdong barsParents also spent 30,000 yuan on bai, jingdong paipai Pai Pai Dai…Some are borrowed from friends.”Unable to withdraw cash on January 7 and 8, Hui-Wu called the police on January 9.Hui Wu said that the police will urgently receive accounts to stop payment, then this case investigation.On January 10, the police registered an investigation.The police issued a case notice to Hui Wu, hui Wu online gambling fraud case, is considered to meet the case, has been placed on file for investigation.Hui Wu said that he never knew the task was gambling.Now his parents also know that he suddenly owes so much debt. In addition to paying it back slowly, he just wants to tell more people what happened to him and let them know that he will not be deceived if he does not covet small profits.Hua Shang Bao reporter Miao Qiaoying source: Hua Shang net – Hua Shang Bao related hot words search: customer service network loan Xi ‘an