The lakers have officially informed Lebron James that they will not sacrifice their future for him and must bring their current roster to the championship

2022-08-03 0 By

The lakers are in such bad shape, especially since they didn’t make any moves before the trade deadline, that many fans feel that their front office is doing nothing because they don’t want to part with the 2027 first-round pick.Ramona Shelburne said the Lakers have made it official that lebron James will not be able to give up his future assets.Ramona Shelburne said, “As far as I know, the lakers’ front office met today and called In Lebron and Timberlake, and they made it clear that they had confidence in the roster and that they had to lead the roster to a championship, which is not bad from the front office, with 3-point shooters and great defense,There was a lot of discretion and flexibility, so the team didn’t have to make any changes, and they made it clear that lebron wasn’t going to sacrifice future assets for him, that the team was already overstretched for a championship, and that they weren’t willing to spend forever.”James yesterday has just said is likely to return to the cavaliers, the news came out today the lakers unwilling to overdraw the future for him, the lakers also saw James may now leave, so they don’t want to continue to overdraw the future, in case the team like knight because James left falling during directly,I wonder if this will be a solid reason for James to return to the Cavaliers.If James now leave the lakers, the team may stop the playoffs again, but if James confidence to return to the cavaliers, so both sides if communication in advance using way of trading, the lakers might be able to get a lot of high quality chip, also may not be difficult to go into the playoffs and James returned to Cleveland,It might also directly put the team in a championship position, while going head-to-head with Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo in the East.