Send blessing!Spring Welcome activities in Putuo are flourishing! Love life warm heart spring

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In order to welcome the arrival of the New Year, Yichuan Road streets to carry out the Spring Festival to promote integrity and send blessing activities to the fu Lian twins into the house to write Spring Festival couplets, send blessing, is our traditional custom to celebrate the Spring Festival.Recently, Yichuan Road street to carry out the “2022 Spring Campaign to promote integrity and send blessings”, invited community calligraphy enthusiasts with books, paper and ink transfer “clean breeze” “fine family tradition”.A pair of Spring Festival couplets, “clean government message” passed to the neighborhood committees, family training and good wishes to the building group and residents home.File Photo The General Branch of the Party in the ocean residential area organized the “Spring Festival activity”, inviting the teachers of the calligrapher’s association and the children in the community to write a series of Spring Festival couplets together, “yi” from the interpretation of the hope for a happy life.The atmosphere was warm and harmonious, and the joy could be felt across the screen.The construction of style is always on the road, “true mind to serve the masses, heavy effect to benefit the people” “should be reliable” posted on the door of the neighborhood committee, also engraved on the heart of the neighborhood committee cadres.File picture in xiangyi Flower city, residential areas of the Party general branch invited the “fragrance of the five art full xiangyi” calligraphy team, around the clean style construction, family style construction theme, writing “fu” “lian” two words, with the form of couplets, will be fine family training from the pen to pass out.The party chief branch secretary and the director of the neighborhood committee also sent family style themed couplets to residents’ homes to send New Year’s greetings.File Picture Yichuan two village residential area “women enjoy the home” happy, the women as the main force of the team, holding up the community autonomy of half the sky, our female calligraphy teacher, a full of heart of Spring Festival couplets thus “born”, they will bring blessings into the homes of ordinary people.”Spring to promote honesty and send blessing activity” also specially invited street “Chengqi secretary studio” old secretary Yuan Xiong, for each residential area to write Spring Festival couplets, on behalf of the street Party working Committee and the office to thank everyone for a year of hard work and selfless dedication.Each residential area beaming affixed with Spring Festival couplets, with honest and pragmatic style, to welcome the arrival of the New Year.File Photo: Yichuan road street each residential block and residents at home, also received loaded with Spring Festival couplets full of blessings, clean Spring Festival, family and everything, let happiness spread in the corridor……File Photo The Spring Festival does not forget the honesty of the beginning of the heart, bearing in mind the family tradition and family training in concentric circles in the reliable style of happiness Yichuan because of you reporter: Putuo District Rong Media Center Yichuan sub-center editor: Yulan click below to learn more about the reunion of thousands of people, Putuo with their commitment to shoulder the responsibility into bloom!Come to Putuo, this “holy land” punching card scientific experiment — coincidentally change life small things to better taste laba garlic, put some of it!Putuo people, teach you N ways to stay in Shanghai for Chinese New Year