Rangnick was right about him!Cristiano ronaldo in the desperate burst, the team to the top four again

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Rangnick was right about him!Cristiano ronaldo in the desperate burst, the team to the top four again.Cristiano ronaldo now understands that I have to change my approach.Not Real Madrid.At Real Madrid you don’t need Cristiano Ronaldo to break through.All it takes is a goal and cristiano ronaldo will be ronaldinho again at Manchester United.See how many touches Cristiano Ronaldo gets per game, and how many passes his teammates can get to him?The goal is also a mistake by the opponent to pass to ronaldo’s feet, Ronaldo had a chance to score, and then look at how many feeding ball Ronaldo has in each game, and then look at how his teammates are perfect spitting cake?This match cristiano ronaldo fed the pie B fee, see how the pie B fee is perfect!See live should be able to see how many times have run ahead of space to teammate cristiano ronaldo is perfect comes, these are you invisible to the game and won with cristiano ronaldo lost cristiano ronaldo to blame, to be honest won and had a patchy, look at what Manchester united play, scoring on personal ability, no through-ball, against Brighton this team can not control the ball, if not DE gea in,Manchester United could not win this game and Cristiano ronaldo should not have taken the blame.United’s defence is a nightmare at the moment, and if Brighton get it right United will get it too.A self-demanding person, even if occasionally mistakes, always occasionally unsatisfactory, but he has been working hard, has been keeping hard, whether talent is secondary.Ronaldo’s football talent is not as good as Messi’s, but his fight is full.Maybe he is not the strongest, but he does it to the limit, such a man you can not like but at least respect.Look at the cristiano Rooney and his passing as youngsters, and look at united’s newbies up front.Just look at the cristiano Rooney and the other young players, and look at united’s newbies up front.To tell the truth, it is hard for Ronaldo to play the single arrow. It is really difficult to fight with the defender in the center position.Now Sancho still needs to work on it, the others have no sense of coordination, no creativity to pass the ball, where to hit, compared to the same position of the top players, not even a bit worse!This is Manchester United, a top club, up against the bottom half of the league, and the prospect of a fourth place is in doubt.Congratulations to Cristiano ronaldo, this age, united this situation, we are not unknown.Cristiano Ronaldo has done an admirable job at Manchester united. You can’t expect him to score every game, can you?Who scored in every game?As for Messi, the luxury of grand Paris is breathtaking!As for messi can score a few Paris impact is not big, do not score there is no need to spray others, after all, objectively speaking, he in la Liga so many years belong to the system of Barcelona, change teams, very normal!It was a bit of a waste but mbappe saved it again and that’s football.In fact, he does not have a lot of baggage, but teammates to his support is really too little.If so, Manchester United’s gloom continues.Football requires cooperation. There is no such thing as a hero.United’s two wingers don’t know how to play with the centre-forward’s crosses, they just bury their heads in the air and hit the defenders when they can’t.At Manchester United, every player wants to be a hero, but they can’t do it. They don’t want to play with Cristiano Ronaldo. He wants to play with them, but they don’t have the sense.Then, when the team lost, all the famous players came out to blame Ronaldo for this and that.See what real Madrid have done without Ronaldo?Look at the glory of winning four crowns in five years!Some of Cristiano ronaldo’s teammates at Manchester United are really low on the ball. Cristiano passes to you because he is in a good position. You can pass back when you see cristiano in a good position, rather than thinking that he passes to you to let you shoot!A few goals will not enter, but also reflects the recent luck is not here, as long as the steady stick to it, feng shui will turn.In fact, the United players need to learn how to play together rather than individually.The individual ability of the united players is not too bad, if united should have good results.It was a game with an extra man, but it took until the last second to clinch the win, and the rest of the game was almost tied.Seriously, the recent several opportunities really many, but always can not enter the second, now these people grasp the ability to shoot too poor, can only comfort said not in the state!Pogba, play the rest of the game.Manchester United paid so much for you, gave you a big salary, you will not leave a dime transfer fee, play well, help Manchester United to win four, is also good to part!There have been a lot of wasted chances in recent games, ronaldo had chances and wasted them, ronaldo gave his team-mates two absolute chances in this game, both to shoot the goalkeeper.Thank you for your attention to me all the time. 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