Power consumption growth rate first in the province!Zhanjiang realizes economy and ecology fly side by side

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Southern daily electricity consumption on February 19, 2022, the front page is a “barometer” of economic development situation on February 18, the author learned from guangdong zhanjiang southern power grid power supply bureau in 2021 in zhanjiang city electricity 28.077 billion KWH year-on-year growth of 17.98% power consumption growth, industrial electricity consumption growth, use clean energy proportion in the province the first another excitingIn 2021, the AQI compliance rate of Zhanjiang city was 98.4%, ranking the first in the province. The average annual concentration of six major pollutants remained fully up to the standard, the best level in the past five years.The paradox of electricity consumption and air quality has been realized in Zhanjiang, which is due to the initial achievements of the local ecological priority and the implementation of the “dual carbon” strategy.In November 2021, all 94 wind turbines in Xuwen zhanjiang 600kW offshore wind Farm project of State Power Investment Were connected to the grid for power generation, breaking the record of single installed capacity of domestic offshore wind power projects and becoming the largest single installed offshore wind power project in Operation in Asia.At the same time, zhanjiang’s grid-connected installed capacity of offshore wind power has broken through 1,000 MEGAwatts.At present, zhanjiang’s installed capacity of new energy accounts for about 19.1% of the province’s installed capacity of new energy, and the proportion of clean energy use ranks first in the province.By the end of 2021, Zhanjiang’s installed capacity of new energy was 4,238 MEGAwatts, accounting for about 48.2% of the city’s installed capacity of power sources (excluding user-owned power plants), among which 13.6% were offshore wind power, 16.1% onshore wind power, 16.0% photovoltaic and 2.5% biomass.Last year, Zhanjiang completed 220 kV Xuwen offshore wind power access system and other projects, and completed 15 new energy projects connected to the grid.In particular, the 500 kV Anlan power transmission and transformation project, which was put into operation in December last year, opened the new energy transmission channel of 500 kV in southern Zhanjiang.Zhanjiang has never stopped using clean energy.Lianjiang clean energy, Qiongyue natural gas pipeline, Datang Leizhou natural gas cogeneration and other projects have been launched, smooth progress.Important coastal new energy industrial bases are poised to rise.”Green Channel” to ensure power consumption of major projects “Zhanjiang Shihua Chemical Co., Ltd. proposed new installation requirements.We helped users complete the application and power transmission within 10 working days, 32 working days shorter than the relevant regulations.””Said Chen Xiaojie, manager of power supply service center of Donghai Power Supply Bureau of Southern Power Grid in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province.Driven by the sino-Science and Technology integration project, Zhanjiang Steel, Dongdao New Energy, Shihua Chemical and other industrial production, industrial electricity consumption in Zhanjiang reached 16.991 billion KWH last year, up 21.05% year on year.With the output value of CPEC reaching 80.6 billion yuan in 2021, the green petrochemical industry has become the first industrial cluster in Zhanjiang with an output value of over 100 billion yuan.To this end, Zhanjiang Power Supply Bureau has set up a “green channel” for enterprise users to effectively ensure the production of major industrial projects to achieve production and efficiency, to promote the implementation of chenming and other electric energy replacement projects, and to implement low-voltage power supply policy for small and micro enterprises to achieve “zero investment” in electricity connection.At the same time, Zhanjiang actively promotes the connection between “digital power grid” and “digital government”. Zhanjiang is the first city in the province to examine and approve the certificate of property right of electricity application and installation online, thus realizing the “never running” of electricity operation.With the official announcement of the construction of “Mangrove City”, Zhanjiang has not forgotten to build a solid green foundation while promoting high-quality economic development.At present, Zhanjiang is leading the orderly transformation and upgrading of energy structure to green and low-carbon, promoting the deep integration of emerging technologies and green and low-carbon industries, promoting the integrated protection and systematic management of mountains, rivers, forests, farmland, lakes, grass and sand, and further making positive contributions to the realization of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”.In order to calculate the “ecological account” of urban development, Zhanjiang issued and implemented “Zhanjiang City’s” Three Lines and one Single “Ecological environment Zoning Control Plan”, set up “1+89+124” ecological environment access list system, implement the fine management of the ecological environment, so as to make the development more full and the protection more powerful.In recent years, the area of mangrove forest in Zhanjiang has reached more than 2000 hectares, which is increasing against the trend of decreasing mangrove area in the world year by year, and is regarded as a successful example of wetland restoration in the world by international wetland experts.On December 30, 2021, Zhanjiang held a working conference on building a “Mangrove City”, officially sounding the horn of building a “Mangrove City” in Zhanjiang.Lianjiang gaoqiao mangrove guang-xuan Lin was taken after the zhanjiang mangrove afforestation developed last year after the first blue carbon trading project in China, zhanjiang will also carry out ocean carbon sinks accounting methodology and carbon budget pilot study, strive to develop a provincial official pratt &whitney carbon accounting methodology, form the first mangrove forest carbon sinks accounting at the provincial level “standard” in zhanjiang,Promote the city’s mangrove carbon sequestration to be included in the provincial carbon inclusive trading market, and build the characteristic brand of “Mangrove City” into a new name card of Guangdong ecological construction.Zhanjiang builds a city of mangroves