On the seventh day of the first lunar month, celebrate the “Day of Man” and set out for the future

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The seventh day of the first lunar month is the “day of man” in Traditional Chinese customs. The seventh day is the birthday of all human beings, rather than a person’s birthday.It is said that Nuwa created the world and made animals such as chickens, dogs, pigs, cows and horses in the first six days, and made people on the seventh day, so this day is called the birthday of people.The seventh day of the first lunar month, “Day of Man”, is one of the most important festivals in the Spring Festival series.Renren has a history of at least two thousand years in China.In Chinese tradition, seven vegetables are cooked into a mixed vegetable soup on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. People in the agricultural society hope that eating seven vegetables will bring a good harvest in the coming year.Eat “seven dishes soup”, also represents the New Year has come to an end, the eighth day of tomorrow should be refreshed, began to work hard.In ancient times, chicken was eaten on the seventh day of the first lunar month, which means good luck and auspiciousness.Older people often choose to eat the whole chicken, indicating a prosperous and auspicious life.Today is the first day of work in the Year of the Tiger. It’s time to gear up and go, go, go!Work hard, be brave, and look to the future with hope, believing that good things will happen to you.