New Year’s Peak Range Wins strong flavor, Guanyin Mountain wish to take blessing, tiger Tiger alive

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New Year, new fortune in the festive atmosphere of the family together, we ushered in the nonyl tiger in dongguan kuanyinshan happy New Year! Fukuyama wishing for you in this line, the year of the tiger line universiade kuanyinshan enjoying great popularity has always been the fate of resort is surrounding many citizens climbing wishing to greet the New Year, a good place for the festival atmosphere up wishing The tiger tiger at the beginning of spring,Before dawn, Guanyin Mountain welcomed its first group of tourists with good intentions,Come to the high wishing ceremony feeling full to greet the year of the Tiger high looking far is a traditional custom of the Spring Festival meaning “step by step promotion”, “longevity and health” for the opening year for a good color first online red three treasure ladder “blue yellow red” three colors represent “heaven and Earth” like ribbon from the sky meaning “right place at the right time and people,Step by step “dragon and phoenix ladder shock line along the steps overlooking Guanyin Mountain luciclear mountain Longfeng Chengxiang, double happiness Linmen hope family peace, good health hope smooth career, love for a long time hope bonanza, smooth sailing hope children academic success…Hang full blessing wish card carrying our wishes through the lucky happy expectation and wishes as soon as possible let us turn fu fu, blessed by the year of the tiger tiger tiger meditation, turn the first blessing bring home “fu” the festival atmosphere Golden tiger seasons greetings to the red lanterns hanging high, the year of the tiger Spring Festival festival everyone kuanyinshan was everywhere in Spring Festival couplets “China red” adornment beautiful inflames the laughing faces,In addition to representing the expression of love and eternal blessings of tulips and roses, marigolds, winter jasmine and other flowers, each of which contains the New Year wishes of Guanyin Mountain to everyone, Golden tiger he Chun,All kinds of cute tiger shapes in the lovely flowers bring all the good fortune and good luck to you. The 6-meter-high tiger shape on the top of the mountain “Ruhu Tianyi” foot money, the Corporeal pot means “fortune is rolling,Pot full pot full “will become one of the attractions of Guanyin Mountain dance New YearTide imagine to greet the year of the tiger tiger Spring Festival kuanyinshan launched “dancing orientation Francis fukuyama dream weavers” series activities of throwing a ball just, amazing cabaret interactive immersive experience, creative display the beauty of the traditional culture “phase and”, “extension” “huai flash show” meticulously cultural feast for visitors to harvest on the road is not the same kind love hongfei tianwei,Tianniu Sanhua wearing a fluttering dress, flying ribbon fairy flying in the sky fallen colorful, elegant beauty of flowers and rain is self-evident throw hydrangea, choose a good husband ancient style ancient drama is put on so that the audience as if through the ancient immersive, intoxicated by the thick taste of the New Year, the ceremony is full of spring fast to guanyin Mountain