Linyi housing prices fell three times, forty thousand tenants were set linyi property market, Linyi property market analysis phase 4

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Now a lot of Linyi landlords are under the name of Linyi property market home buying tide of opportunity, want to hand second-hand room to sell out, but now linyi property market is not the previous linyi property market.The current linyi house prices, has been to let those home buyers daunting, Linyi is not the past of the Linyi, but linyi house prices are not the past of the Linyi house prices.These years linyi’s industrial development is good, such as what agricultural and sideline food processing, machinery manufacturing, plate, building materials and other industries, can also develop.However, these industries are relatively low-end manufacturing, which can increase jobs for Linyi, but cannot increase wages.If the wages of Linyi can not increase, but the housing price is constantly rising, then it will be like now, the young people in Linyi are more and more tired, unless the family already has a house, otherwise linyi young people want to buy a house, it is a very difficult thing.Linyi property market than other cities more than a housing price support point, that is, linyi’s population is as high as 11 million, and linyi under the county environment is not very good, so Linyi on the population of the small county there is a certain siphon capacity, this is linyi housing prices will not drop a reason.Linyi house prices will not fall, but does not mean that linyi house prices will not fall.Linyi Lanshan district house prices are 13,000, Linyi want to maintain the house price is not easy, late Linyi house prices will fall.Peng Shu interpretation of the first and second tier cities 14 five planning something to ask Peng Shu 160 yuan to buy a column to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Peng Shu said the property market # Linyi #