Fire small knowledge: why battery car easy “fire”?The latest answer to ant Manor

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Which of the following idiom stories is related to fire prevention?The two choices were A, “Migration”.B. It’s urgent.Fire small knowledge: why battery car easy “fire”?A) Illegal operation during use;(B) short temper.Which idiom has to do with fire prevention?Fire small knowledge: why battery car easy “fire”?Ant Farm’s latest answer: The tale of ‘Migrating’ has something to do with fire prevention;Why battery car easy to “fire”, this is because of the use of illegal operation, specific analysis as follows: fire small knowledge: why battery car easy to “fire”?A, use illegal operation B, grumpy fire small knowledge: why battery car easy to “fire” battery car fire accidents generally occur when charging.Lithium batteries are small, easy to carry, and their overall weight is reduced. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are more likely to be short-circuited due to quality problems or extrusion, resulting in combustion or even explosion.Small fire knowledge: “angry” is easier to do from storage battery car storage battery burning experiments show that once the battery car burns, toxic smoke quickly upward at a speed of 1 meter per second, so 1 floor corridor inside storage battery ignition lead quickly to the whole building fall into a state of toxic smoke clouded, easy to cause casualties, even group die group of injury fire accident.The main causes of fire are: battery car use for a long time, the car connection route is easy to aging, short circuit;Private modification, such as removal of speed limiting device, battery, etc., will also cause a short circuit;Without permission to pull disorderly wire to charge the battery car, easy to lead to short circuit fire;Using a mismatched charger can also cause a fire in the battery car.If the charging time is too long, especially at night, it is easy to be overloaded. Overcharging will cause the battery to heat up, swell and even explode. Charging generally takes 8 to 10 hours.Most of the reasons are because of illegal operation and use, so it is necessary to charge and repair according to the time specified in the manual, and the voltage of the charger and battery should match;Do not charge batteries at home or in hallways.If the charger is damaged, buy it from a regular supplier.Don’t buy modified batteries on the cheap.If the battery car or battery fire, the first to cut off the power, and then rapid cooling, to prevent the battery continues to heat, explosion.Which of the following idiom stories is related to fire prevention?Correct answer: Mobile.Fire small knowledge: why battery car easy “fire”?Correct answer: use illegal operation.Which idiom story is related to fire prevention?Fire small knowledge: why battery car easy “fire”?The answer and analysis of this question, I hope to help you.Fire small knowledge: why the battery car easy “angry” can get a 180g feed, the chicken has free feed to eat, every day can also increase knowledge, but also did the charity, hurry to play.I hope I can help you. Are you right?When finished, you can receive chicken feed!