9.2 High-scoring comedy “The Killer is not too calm” box office over 100 million, the theater laughter?

2022-08-03 0 By

The killer is not too calm, cat eye score 9.2 high marks really can, happy mahua production, will be a boutique!Laugh and tears, combined very well, not awkward not abrupt, Wei Chenggong saw Harvey that laugh crazy, repeated action lines, with the expression of Milan Miller and Harvey gang expression, laugh me to death ha ha ha!And the Italian behind that section is also laughing to death, really is particularly wonderful, the theater are laughing crazy!Tears the control is in place, deduce the inner monologue of a lot of actors, and to our audience shows the present situation of the entertainment industry is very real, want from a bit player to actor, middle need to experience many suffering, endure a lot of psychological pressure, watching the very moved at the end of the film there is also a I feel very wonderful inversion, from behind the camera, all of the background is a bright spot,There is no town, it is all done in the studio, but at this time, the title of the characters in the play is still the same, it is a little strange, is not the whole film filming is filming, very interesting!Ok really to sigh the film is very good, and that Italian actor’s scene, the Italian eldest brother behind several Italian little brother good handsome!Legs long one meter eight, handsome dizzy can be, full of jokes, just read, there are a lot of memes, Wei Success acting very good, in the car and see Harvey laugh to death, the whole theater laughter, is a good play, New Year’s day look great, will put people laugh to death, all acting online!Ma Lijie is also very good in the play, beautiful role played well, full of jokes, must go to see, New Year’s day about the play, see comedy 5 minutes a funny point, the audience burst into laughter is very happy!I was laughing from beginning to end, worth watching, Wei Xiang with his unique characteristics successfully tickled me.