Zhang Yingying “love” Wang Xiaofei?Wear the same coat temple blessing, users identified after deletion

2022-08-02 0 By

I believe many people know that Wang Xiaofei and Big S this couple, or ended up in divorce.Big S never said anything about Wang Xiaofei in front of the media, and after the divorce, big S has been engaged in business, and there is no new love.But Wang Xiaofei, more than once was photographed many times and network red Zhang Yingying dating hand in hand, but Zhang Yingying has been declared that two people are friends.In a short video on the platform, ying-ying zhang is often in the personal account of the daily dynamic, ying-ying zhang in drying out of the dynamics of a blessing yourself to go to the temple, but by netizens think is “love” wang, ying-ying zhang was in paragraph coat with wang went to the temple praying, the results by netizens identify, ying-ying zhang also rushed to delete this dynamic.According to the screenshots exposed by netizens, Zhang yingying posted, “I had a long dream. When I look back, I will still be a young boy under the setting sun.” The picture shows her standing in front of a temple with beads on her hands and hands clasped, her eyes closed for a blessing.But this copy is really very thoughtful, “turn back” and “young” these two words, as if to care about the reference, suspected in the love of Wang Xiaofei.And ying-ying zhang wearing this coat, is has attracted the attention of Internet users, in love by netizens feel this is ying-ying zhang wang, because two people close move itself was photographed more than once, the ying-ying zhang in the temple praying, but also wore wang in the show with khaki down jacket, is this a typical sweethearts outfit!Zhang Yingying wore wang Xiaofei’s coat to pray at the temple, and the text also meant something, naturally, was considered by netizens as a show of love for Wang Xiaofei.Many netizens even left comments in the comment section, saying that it was the same style as Wang Xiaofei’s, and some asked whether Zhang Yingying was directly wearing Wang Xiaofei’s coat. Some netizens said that the intimacy between the two was photographed several times, and the relationship between them was naturally self-evident.However, in the face of the user’s identification, zhang Yingying said that she was wearing the same jacket as Wang Xiaofei, after showing her love to Wang Xiaofei in space, Zhang Yingying deleted this dynamic on her account, without saying anything, just like her previous dynamic “overturned”.Zhang Yingying and Wang Xiaofei’s mother Zhang LAN was stripped out with the same necklace, from two people’s intimate photo, Zhang Yingying and Zhang LAN should be good relationship.This dress and wang ying-ying zhang with coat in the temple praying, by netizens pointed out that after love wang from a distance, but he deleted the dynamic, the operation also is really confusing, the Internet is a memory, and have not deleted when it happened, as for the relationship between ying-ying zhang and wang ah, can not really fake, false really don’t.What do you think of zhang Yingying and Wang Xiaofei’s coats of the same style?