The former director of a drug rehabilitation center in Sichuan was sentenced to 13 and a half years in prison for embezzling 20.3 million yuan of public funds

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Zhao, who was once the director of Sichuan Ziyang Compulsory Isolation and drug rehabilitation Center (hereinafter referred to as “Ziyang Rehabilitation Center”), used the state-owned assets of the farm affiliated to ziyang Rehabilitation Center as his personal wallet and embezzled public funds for personal investment, loan repayment and house purchase.February 18, red Star news reporters from sichuan Province Leshan Wutongqiao District people’s Court was informed that recently the court of first instance publicly sentenced Zhao Yong committed the crime of abuse of power, embezzlement, bribery case.The court sentenced Zhao Mou Yong to abuse of power, embezzlement of public funds, bribery, several crimes combined punishment, decided to execute fixed-term imprisonment of 13 years and 6 months, and fined 200,000 yuan.Zhao Mou Yong returned the bribe 570,000 yuan, be confiscated;He was ordered to refund 2 million yuan to the victim unit, and the illegal gains of 5.299999 million yuan of embezzled public funds were recovered.▲ The scene of the trial.In March 2008, Zhao Yong from the former Deputy director of Sichuan Xinhua reeducation through Labor post was promoted to Sichuan Dayan reeducation through Labor management office party secretary, director, long farm.Three months later, with the reform of the re-education through labor system, Dayan Re-education through labor Center was transformed into Ziyang Compulsory isolation and drug rehabilitation Center, and Zhao Mou Yong continued to serve as the party secretary and director of the institute.Zhao served as deputy director of sichuan Provincial Drug Rehabilitation Administration from 2014 until the case.Court found that zhao mou yong in violation of the original work of reeducation through labor administration of sichuan province in April 2008, issued by the “interim measures for detention of state-owned assets management in sichuan province” of the act, on May 26, in the same year, the members meeting and discuss the proposed decision to existing foreign investment enterprise funds, many irregularities lend money to others 23 million yuan,Only 500,000 yuan of principal and 11,765,083 yuan of interest were recovered, resulting in economic loss of 10,734,917 yuan.In addition, Zhao Mou Yong served as director of Ziyang Rehabilitation Institute, director of Dayan Re-education through Labor institute, horticulture field during the period, repeatedly embezzled a total of 20.3 million yuan for personal use, of which 2 million yuan has not been returned.From 2013 to 2018, Zhao illegally accepted 570,000 yuan of property and sought benefits for others.The court heard that Zhao Mou Yong as a state staff, abuse of power and illegal lending of state-owned funds, resulting in national interests suffered particularly heavy losses, especially serious circumstances, constitute the crime of abuse of power;If a state functionary takes advantage of his position to misappropriate public funds for personal investment for profit or to repay personal loans or purchase real estate for more than 3 months, if the circumstances are serious, it shall constitute the crime of misappropriating public funds;Taking advantage of the convenience of the position of state personnel, seeking benefits for others, illegally accepting other people’s property, a huge amount, constitutes the crime of taking bribes.According to its criminal facts, nature, circumstances, etc., then make the above judgment.Red Star news reporter Gu Aigang editor Peng Jiang (download red star news, report awards!)