The first in southwest China!An autonomous vehicle linked with mushroom cars is seen in Erhai Lake, Dali, Yunnan Province

2022-08-02 0 By

Yunnan net news (reporter Zhao Gang) on February 14, in the afternoon, the Dali in yunnan province “chi heng Dali, stroll CangEr” ecological corridor automatic driving experience activity, chairman of the Chinese agricultural school letter a line of vehicle automated driving the bus, riding experience mushrooms and Dali tourism quality upgrade and mushroom car group and other high-tech companies to participate in the highly recognition.This experience is 3.5km from Erhai Ecological Corridor sansheng Island to Longniche Wharf.According to the introduction, the mushroom car joint “vehicle road cloud integration” system through the car, road, cloud three end fusion, to achieve the comprehensiveness of access to information and information processing timeliness, greatly improve the safety and reliability of the LARGE-SCALE application of L4 automatic driving technology.At present, The mushroom car union has completed the first city-level autonomous driving project in China (Hengyang, Hunan), and has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hunan, Henan and other cities landing and testing.This is the first time that a self-driving vehicle linked with mushroom carts has been shown in Dali City.During the event, moguche autonomous bus, sightseeing vehicles, sweepers, patrol cars and other autonomous driving teams entered the Erhai Ecological Corridor, and opened the autonomous bus connecting service to the public for a week from February 14 to 20.Half a month ago, the People’s Government of Dali City signed a strategic cooperation agreement with The Mushroom Car Association. The two sides will carry out full cooperation in the fields of autonomous driving, vehicle-road cooperation, AI cloud and so on, and jointly build the autonomous eco-tourism demonstration area around Erhai Lake.The total investment of the project is expected to reach 1 billion yuan, and it is planned to build the Autonomous eco-tourism demonstration area of Erhai Lake into the first “intelligent network + intelligent tourism” ecological demonstration area in southwest China.Mushroom car al autopilot self-driving car ring erhai lake eco-tourism demonstration area is completed, the mushroom car al sightseeing car, cleaning the car such as automated driving the team to implement 24-hour unmanned operation in erhai lake region, intelligent operation, for tourists to provide a safe, efficient, intelligent, convenient travel and tourism services, help Dali tourism industry quality upgrade.According to the introduction, the project will also drive the intelligent connected automobile industry in Dali, effectively improve the proportion of Dali digital economy.