“Surrender finance” trap revealed!

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The first step is to call insurance consumers and claim to be financial supervision departments, consumer associations and insurance company staff.The second step is to recommend high-yield “financial products” in the name of “customer after-sales service”, “policy income upgrade compensation”, “gift” and so on.The third step is to persuade insurance consumers to buy the so-called “financial products” can get subsidies, surrender funds to buy “financial products” can get discount interest or get travel vouchers, etc., to induce insurance consumers to buy “financial products” after surrender or policy pledge loan.Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau summed up five basic characteristics of such risks: first, the policy holders of savings or investment insurance products are the specific targets;Second, “high income” as bait;Third, inviting customers in the name of insurance institutions and their sales and customer service employees;Fourth, the ultimate purpose is to arbitrage funds and transfer illegal financial products;Fifth, the final result is the loss of consumer funds.In 2021, THE CBRC issued the Notice on Normalizing The Work of Cracking down on Mafia and Evil in the Banking and Insurance industry, which for the first time included “misleading or encouraging insurance customers to leave insurance abnormally”.Behaviors of professional third parties and insurance company insiders to illegally obtain information of insurance customers, mislead or encourage insurance customers to withdraw insurance in an abnormal manner, disrupt the normal operation order of the insurance industry, and damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers shall be severely punished.How to prevent “surrender financial management” trap?Hunan bank insurance supervision bureau prompts consumers such as “insurance policy bonus”, “bonus upgrade”, “gift”, “after-sales service” and other names contact insurance consumers to persuade surrender, can be through the official website of the insurance company, unified customer service telephone and other formal channels to check the real situation and relevant personnel qualifications,You can also log in the “Insurance Professional Intermediary Agency Inquiry” column of “Insurance Intermediary Supervision Information System” to check the business qualification information of the agency.Pay attention to the protection of personal information, do not inform or transfer information such as ID card, bank card, insurance contract to others.In case of theft or illegal use of personal information, the offender should report to the public security organ immediately to avoid property losses due to personal information disclosure.Source: China Consumer News