Still want to?Pick!$18,000 off 2020 Bluebird!

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National digital marketing excellent demonstration base!For more information, VIP hotline: 400-8972-294;(Call/store during the event to send 298 high-end latex pillow +318 yuan humidifier double gift to the store;① Special introduction of employee car quota Xiaoke, the same level of configuration is strong, professional SUV chassis, front and rear independent suspension only 119,900 yuan, limited first come first served!② The whole system can enjoy 4000 to 10000!Exclusive 1.06 million yuan e-commerce subsidy, additional discount of 2000-6000 yuan!③ Advance 500 yuan to the store can be used as 4000 yuan insurance vouchers ④ grab 50 people double the deposit, first come, first served ⑤ launch 20 special cars every day, as low as 79 percent off;5 years / 150,000km vehicle warranty +5 years /10 times basic maintenance, no price worry, deluxe car service. Distance between you and me, 10 times fuel card subsidy, the farther away you are, the more you will get.And offer free ride-hailing service!⑩ Loan car buyers can enjoy 2-year interest-free up to 90,000 yuan of easy car purchase service!Replacement of car buyers, can enjoy a subsidy of 2000 yuan only in Henan province, there is only one store ‘vehicle management Bureau’ franchise shop, purchase tax payment, high shot inspection car, license selection, ETC installation, not out of the shop, one-stop completion!The southeast corner of West Fourth Ring Medicine Factory Street, High-tech Zone (① Drive by agricultural Road viaduct or west fourth Ring viaduct about 18 minutes to ② Subway Line 1 Lanzhai EXIT C) from March 26, 2022 to March 31, 2022