Chinese stock market: hold a familiar stock, concentrate on repeated “do T”, earnings will not be bad!

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To be successful as an investor, you have to have the right mindset to understand that you have to establish rules and follow them.You have to believe in yourself, you have to think for yourself, you have to push yourself, those are all things that you have to try to control yourself, you have to push yourself to do things.It’s only by doing it over and over again, until it becomes a natural reaction, until it becomes a gut feeling, that you get the right mindset, that you really learn to trade stocks.You have to learn that acting by the rules is pleasant and not acting by the rules is painful.Just learn to stop loss, loss is always painful, otherwise why to cut meat?Over time, as you go through the process of turning a small loss into a big loss, the anxiety, the doubt, the insomnia, over and over again, you develop a quick stop mentality.The stop loss rules set at the beginning seem difficult to implement, and slowly become a subconscious action, once the stock movement is wrong, do not take action on sleep and sleep, this process, is the growth process of your stock.Buffett is very aware of his own limitations. He almost never invests in technology stocks. When asked why, he says he doesn’t understand.His latest investment in Apple has also been a long time coming, and he prefers to view apple as a consumer company rather than a technology company.It is important to know oneself.Know yourself, admit your shortcomings, cultivate your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. Do what you like and are good at.It is great wisdom to have a clear awareness of your own circle of abilities and to know your limitations.Small, always want to do ticket big, the wrong luck when the strength of the most terrible.Do what you are good at and can control. Sometimes it seems slow, but the steering wheel of life is controlled in your own hands and will not overturn. Slow is fast, and you will reach the end of success in the end.What is T?A-shares are now A T+1 system, which is A disguised T+0 trading in which individual stocks are bought and sold within A day.We can do T forward and T backward.1. To buy before you sell, to buy at a timeshare low and then to sell at a subsequent timeshare high and to reverse:Sold before they buy, sell the timeshare peak first, and then at the back of the low buy to have a general judgment, if the daily average system is long, that price is rising trend, this time is going to do is T, short if the daily average system is arranged, and don’t want to stop the stock, this time you need to do reverse T reduce the cost.What stocks are suitable for T?What stocks are not suitable?Suit the unit that does T, unit sex asks inevitably active, this kind of active is not the requirement often fluctuates stop, the amplitude space that points to inside day however is enough, have 5% amplitude space everyday for instance, can be taken completely to do T.This kind of unit often dish won’t be particularly big, it is small dish or medium dish commonly, had better still subject matter is added.And large-cap stocks, especially like China Petroleum, the intraday amplitude of less than 1%, do T is very difficult, the yield is not high.Some small bills, no subject matter, basically no liquidity, also not suitable for T.And by understanding those two things, we’re very much narrowing down what we can do for T.Preliminary screening was carried out in time and space.When the time suitable for T is chosen to be suitable for T, at this time, we need to understand the methods and skills of T.Do T formula: 1, the shock trend: each touch the upper edge of the box is selling point, each step on the lower edge of the box is to buy 2, under the downward trend, each reverse pumping average or downward trend line is high selling point.3, under the uptrend, every step back on the moving average or uptrend line down is to buy.Do T operation of several buying and selling points: 1, the stock price above the average running, not broken to continue to hold shares, once fell below, that is the selling point, below the average price line shows that the stock price will choose weak operation, to beware of the subsequent slide risk, should take the main sell, then if steady, continue to stand on the average price line, buy.2. The volume price is not uniform on the timeshare chart, the smaller the volume of stock price rise, which constitutes the deviation of volume price, and it is a selling point when the stock price is pulled up and turned around;3, the stock price quickly pulled up, the amount can not continue to enlarge, and the average price line did not keep up, is a selling point in the price reversal;4, the stock volume price with each other, the stock price continues to rise, after finishing down the shrinkage, suddenly bucking the trend to pull up, and time-sharing volume rapid amplification, this time belongs to sell signals.5, sharp drop buying method: intraday sudden bad, when the linear sharp drop, more than 60 degrees, when the formation of a sharp Angle – this is a very good latent opportunity, to dare to low suction.How to do T in the rise of the first to teach you a very high success rate of intraday bullish signal, look at the timeshares trend and MACD index bottom deviation, when the timeshares trend and MACD formed a bottom deviation, stock prices will rise.Fenglong shares: From the timesharing chart, the stock price of Fenglong shares has repeatedly deviated from the MACD index, indicating that the stock price will have a wave of rebound, in this wave of market up 3 points, if you operate, at least 2 points can be captured.T said intraday bullish signal in the uptrend, now let’s talk about intraday bearish, again look at the timeshares and MACD, but this time to look at their top divergence, when the timeshares and MACD form a top divergence, there will be a wave of falling prices.Tongxingda: From the timesharing chart, the share price of Tongxingda deviates from the MACD index to the top, indicating that there will be a wave of decline in the stock price. If you sell in time and buy after the stock price correction, you will reduce the loss by 1.5%.”With the trend of” position, there may be a lot of profit, do not easily “abandon ship” “intercept losses, let profit run” patient position is to maximize profits, its key is how to close the position.How to solve the balance can solve the problem of patiently holding positions, after a year of repeated groping, find a method at present.That is, don’t think about buying and selling to the highest and lowest point, using a narrow time cycle, right out.You lose a portion of your profit, but you can hold your position to the end of the trend, and you can close your position consistently.In the world of financial speculation, loss is like an invisible ghost, shadowing every trader. For the two results of trading, profit and loss, profit always makes people happy, but how to properly solve the problem of loss,Often determines whether a trader ends up making or losing money.Is a very common phenomenon, when paper losses occurred many traders will choose death carrying more than loss, this order is for one transaction may not necessarily be wrong, because indeed can carry back many times by even turn profit, but for a certain time period of the transaction, it is the main cause of ordinary traders capital losses.The overestimation of human nature is the root of the loss in trading. The financial speculative market is most likely to give people an illusion, overestimating their mental control ability and overestimating their executive ability. Let me give you a very simple example: on an empty highway, how many people can keep driving at 100 MPH?Most of us drive faster and faster, and a lot of times we drive faster and faster without realizing it, because you feel like you’re driving slower and slower, and your foot automatically presses on the gas, and it’s an illusion of self-identity.